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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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UOKR Feedback

O ne of the signature characteristics of Ultima art, has been the dark edges - making the various objects and characters easy to distinguish from the background. UOKR wanted to take a step away from this, striving for a more painted look, but the reception by players has shown that this may have not been such a wise move. The terms "mushy", "hard to see" and "sloppy" have been used quite a bit.

Using one of the original promo screenshots, I roughly added some dark, Ultima type strokes to see how it would look. Here is a before/after animation of the difference.

Watch the picture for a moment and you will see the stroked version alternate on and off:

O s a reference to see the stroked "Ultima style", here are some screenshots of Ultima VII and Ultima VIII:

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