T H E   C H A M P I O N ' S   A B S E N C E

It has been a few weeks since the champion had deserted the druidess, and she had spent most of her time crying, cleansing herself of him. How cruel lady fate had been... to have gifted the girl with such pure love, only to rip it away. Thankfully, the she had friends to console her and she'd kept herself busy by joining a guild. These things helped in taking her mind off the champion. But it was these in between times that were the worse, the solitary moments roaming the lands, secretly hoping to encounter him.

It was on one of these occasions where she had found herself wandering mindlessly through the wilderness, feeling quite indifferent of the fact that many of these areas posed serious threats to her life. "Life" had not tasted of anything meaningful of late and she'd have almost been glad to be rid of it.

At some point she awoke from her thought to notice that she had reached, what seemed like the end of the world, for the land seemed to end abrubtly against the nightly sky. Stepping closer, she realized that she had in fact encounterd an extremely rigid cliff. The druidess peered over the edge and gasped... she could see the sea and a sandy beach which seemed to continue forever. Some type of secret colony appreared to live down below, whether they were good or evil, she could not tell, but grand fires lighted the sand like twinkling orange gems.

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