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P R O B L E M S : Someone is talking but no-one can "hear"

Problem: You, or the person you are trying to communicate with talks, but the other cannot see the text you write. This happens only in certain areas.

Cause: This has something to do with the translation servers not working quite right.

Solution: From your options, you will need to turn off "Enable Translation Server" as well as "Automatically translate incoming text".

This should help, but if it doesn't, you will have to go deeper. Close your Ultima Online client completely. You will now have to edit your uo.cfg file in Your Ultima Online folder on your hard drive. It can be edited easily with Word Pad for instance. Find the following lines:


You need to turn both to the off position.

After making the changes, save the file in text format and restart Ultima Online. Now, your text should be seen by others.

Note that if it was the other person whose text YOU couldn't see, then it is THEM that must make these changes, not you.

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