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We also sell lots of magical silver weapons

OUR PRICES (may change)


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Pic Description Price Vendor
Rune to Big Mama's Shoppe 25 GP Demitria
City runes: Britain, Moonglow, Yew, Trinsic, Vesper, Minoc etc 90 GP each Demitria
Lost Lands runes
Papua 90 GP Demitria
Delucia 90 GP Demitria
Northern desert 150 GP Demitria
Cyclops valley 90 - 150 GP Demitria
Terathan fort 90 - 150 GP Demitria
Dead city / Orc fort 90 - 150 GP Demitria
Other magical goodies
ID staffs and wands 10 GP per charge Demitria
5 Recall scrolls 200 GP Clinton & Demitria
4th level scrolls 30 GP each Demitria
5th level scrolls 40 GP each Demitria
6th level scrolls 55 GP each Demitria
7th level scrolls 65 GP each Demitria
8th level scrolls 75 GP each Demitria
We have an abundant amount of magical items

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