Ultima Online
Lina, Grandmaster Warrior: Lina tähän mitä haluaisit sanoa asiakkaille!

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Deep sea goodies   Reagents   Magic Goodies   Armour and GM Weapons   Furniture   Tinker Goodies   Miscellaenous
Pic Description Price Vendor
30 Black Pearls 240 GP Clinton
30 Mandrake root 150 GP Clinton
30 Spiders Silk 150 GP Clinton
30 Garlic 150 GP Clinton
30 Nightshade 150 GP Clinton
30 Bloodmoss 240 GP Clinton
30 Sulferous Ash 180 GP Clinton
30 Ginseng 150 GP Clinton
Saphireena, Master miner: From the beginning, I dreamed of one day having my own shoppe. Now I do and am very happy to be able to offer you my famous quality dyed furniture and tinker goodies. Welcome!

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