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Saphireena, you are so gifted with your hands!

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Pic Description Price Vendor
Dinner for 2 (For those special occasions) 500 GP Clarissa
Storage keg 200 GP Clarissa
Refillable potion keg
Comes in Birch, Mahogony or Silver
500 GP Clarissa
Golden Tinker Trinkets
Brass candlabra 50 GP Clarissa
Brass scales 50 GP Clarissa
Brass mortar and pestle 20 GP Clarissa
Brass spyglass 10 GP Clarissa
Pewter mug 25 GP Clarissa
Wooden Tinker Trinkets
Adventurer's globe 50 GP Clarissa
Music stand 75 GP Clarissa
Fishing pole 100 GP Clarissa
Grandfather clock 75 GP Clarissa
Lantern 15 GP Clarissa
Why thank ye Lina :-)

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