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My fisher Zzu, loves fishing goodies for you

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Deep sea goodies   Reagents   Magic Goodies   Armour and GM Weapons   Furniture   Tinker Goodies   Miscellaenous
Pic Description Price Vendor
MIB = Message in Bottle 4500 GP Darien, Mavis
Level 1 Treasure maps 1500 GP Darien, Mavis
Paintings from shipwrecks 2000
20000 GP
Darien, Mavis
Metal shipwreck chests 1200 GP Darien, Mavis
Wooden shipwreck chests 300 GP Darien, Mavis
Bones 100 GP Darien, Mavis
Various different seashells 250 GP each Darien, Mavis
Conch seashell 400 GP Darien, Mavis
Nautilus seashell 400 GP Darien, Mavis
Various magical masks 300-450 GP Mavis
Various shipwreck items 50 - 10000 GP Darien, Mavis
My fisher Shillard, is quite the playboy

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