Big Mama's Guestbooke


Date: Jan 1 2000

Awesome site! Nice graphics and effects.

Coleman McCormick

Date: Jan 10 2000

What a great site!!
Very nice... I must visit your shop sometime!


Date: Jan 21 2000

All I have to say about this site, I'm stunned.


Date: Jan 21 2000

This was a fantastically designed site and a most impressive shop. My hat is off to you two ladies

Date: Jan 24 2000

Wow, cool site, I'll get rune to this shop right away. Keep vendors stocked and prices low. *grins*


Date: Jan 28, 2000

Truly a great shop and a fine page.

Date: Feb 2 2000

Real nice page! I am thinking of doing my own page and yours really inspired me.
It is great!

Shylock of Vesper Siege Perilous

Date: Feb 23 2000

Hienot sivut,ja kauppakin täytyy ...Täytyy kai käydä shoppailemassa ku tuun sinne päin.... Muuten,saako Suomalaiset alennuksia?

Conel McLeod, Europe

Date: Jun 15 2000

This site is just fantastic, found it through uo-auction. Now I have this need to visit your shop after seeing a great site like these.
Very well done !


Date: Jul 11 2000

I LOVE this site!!
Really wonderful and imaginative work... *impressed and inspired* I love creative html :)

Date: Jul 19 2000

Hail the providers of good things all! I am Celestina of Moonglow, Pacific. I am a simple girl on her way to becoming a powerful mage and I thankee kindly for your web visions that will guide fairegoers like myself on our respective paths to greatness.
In a world of swarthy males, it's nice to find accomplished women role models!
Blessings in abundance, dear sisters!

Celestina of Moonglow, Pacific

Date: Jul 27 2000

NICE WEB-PAGE!!!!!!! U have realy done a good work here!!!

Illustrious Captain Nemo, Gm fisher of Europa

Date: Aug 28 2000

Fantastic web design. Loved this interface :) If I played europa I would definatly check your shop out. Great work!

_S.Appeal-paladin OW, KSL

Date: Aug 28 2000

Fantastic. From one web-designer to another...I am impressed. You do beautiful work.

Lady Evinryl
Lady Evinryl's Manor

Date: Oct 10 2000

An excellent site - i´ll certainly visit your shop!


Date: Jan 3 2000

Hey there my dear Katsienna! I love your shoppe! Have fun! I admire you! You are smart, good at UO, beautiful, good at HTML!! I honor thee!

Best wishes, Mikkelrev

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