Big Mama's Guestbooke


Date: 12 Jan 2003

Hiyas Mylady,
You made a wonderful work with this site and all the other stuff you have done in webdesign. I am very impressed and happy at the same time, that someone plays our lovely game with all her heart and soul. Thanks for this!

- Lord Kiamu

Hail Lord Kiamu *curtseys*
Awww thank you very much, unfortunately I have not had the time or energy to be very active in UO for the past year, but maybe that will still change :-) It always warms my heart to hear that someone appreciates my UO site. Makes it all worth the work! :-)

Big Mama

Date: 15 Feb 2003

Damn I just have to say that you have a nice artistic skill. All the portraits you have made to the different chars are great.

- Padan Fain of Europa

Thank ye kindly Padan *smiles*

Big Mama

Date: 7 Mar 2003

Just popped in here to see if there were any news on it. And see and behold! New portraits that I haven't seen before. Oh my those are grand! I just wish you still made 'em. I sure could use a couple. *happy smile* ... You are truly something special dear, all the best to you.

- Oona Moonstone

*smiles warmly* Nice to see old customers checking back. I only wish I had more to offer, but understandibly the inspiration to create new UO stuff is rather weak due to attentions being in other games now. <:-/


Date: 7 Mar 2003

I stumbled onto your UO site by surfing for "goth women".... *waves* Well met Big Mama from Kirth of Napa Valley (fellow designer, geek, mom of 2 sons, goth woman and of course, UO addict!). Do you still play? Your site inspired me... am working on a guild site now... but I think after 5 years of UO is time for me to have my own UO site. Beautiful job.....

- Kirth of Napa Valley

Well met Lady Kirth *smiles warmly* Oooh so you've been playing from the very start. *bows in awe and admiration* All the things you must have seen! I actually have a character on Napa, she used to be in real estate back in the good old days of collapsing houses :) We have amazing similarities! How can it be that I'm lucky enough to encounter even another mom in UO - but a goth AND designer AND geek! I'm so glad you posted :)

Do I still play? Aye I still have my accounts open, but haven't been playng much. My two sons play on Drachenfels, so that's reason enough to keep the accounts open. I bought AO in Feb of 2003 and have been totally emersed in that since. Now THAT is a dream game for goths :) You must check out the clothes they have for characters there! :-O

Big Mama

Date: 15 Mar 2003

Great Website. Thanks for all the hard work.

- Dvanhorn

Thank ye, glad to hear the work is appreciated!

Big Mama

Date: 19 Mar 2003

This site is brill. Not only does it have a great layout compared to other UO users. But the stories and characters are all backed with fantastic personalities and an amazing sense of humour. Keep up the good work!

- Italktomybeer

Why thankyou very much Mr. Beer - I'm relieved to hear that some people get my humor and actually think it's funny! *grins*

Big Mama

Date: 1 April 2003

OMG, this is the mother of all UO fansites, excellent work, thumbs up !

- Itekei

Awwww *blush* - well I'll have to disagree with ye, but it warms me heart to see someone enjoy the site so much. I really should do some major updating!

Big Mama

Date: 8 April 2003

Great site!

- Anrothmorn

Thank ye kindly Anrothmorn - glad you enjoyed it! :-)

Big Mama

Date: 30 April 2003

Almost too beatiful the whole site. I just can imagine the amount of work you've done here. Please sell those towers to me, *Grin*

- Zuran (still playing)

Tervehdys Zuran!
Thanks alot, yeah it's been pretty tedious to make all this - but fun! About the towers...Sorry mate, they ain't fer sale! Unless of course you are willing to fork up huge amounts of €'s ;-) (and they are castles, not towers)

Big Mama

Date: 9 May 2003

Hi, your nightclub looks badass!

Vamp Lestat

Thanks Mr. Lestat :-) Now if only if only OSI would make the architect tool work for castles too, I could make it REALLY badass and open the darn place up again. *grumbles*

Big Mama


Date: 16 May 2003

Hi! I thought I was good decorating until I saw your work. I was the one who posted a message on Stratics. I would love to meet you, I created 2 chars on your shard, to get 1st hand tips for my 1st castle. I will also like to show you my decoration to see what an expert has to say.


Hi Karyn!
Awww I'm extremely flattered that you as a new castle owner would like advice from little ol me on decorating your new home. Unfortunately after spending long days at my full time job, taking care of my kids in the evenings, getting home chores done after they go to bed etc - well to be honest - I am totally tired out and don't have time or energy to help out the tons of individual players who ask for help in the different games I play - although I would love to be able to! I must be selfish and spare those few precious moments of free time I have to just rest - be it by lazying around, sleeping or playing a good game. I hope you understand <:-). I am sure you'll be able think of ways to decorate your castle. And by the way congrats! Not everyone has a castle :) Once you get it decorated, I'd love to come and admire what you did though, so let me know :-).

Big Mama

Date: 28 May 2003

Great site! I play on Napa tho. LOL that name that u said that the finns would enjoy is buggin me!! And lol yes i think you should make a thief. I have 1 and its my fav char.


Hey there Mr. Lips
Yeah I have a thief named Musi Mussukka. She rox! Too bad she scared all her customers away to Trammel though.

Big Mama

Date: 18 July 2003

I really hope you're checking some of these casue I've got a few kick ass looks to show you on mage/tamer A Yasha and my smith about good fashion....drop me a line..We'll meet up and get some s-shots!


Just to let you know, and anyone else who is interested in submitting screenshots of their best dressed characters: You can do so to the Britannian Fashion Paperdoll Submission Board. And I'd like to remind you all that the best dressed are picked according to my personal taste, so no whining - take it or leave it :-D.

Big Mama

Date: 26 July 2003

As long as I remember, I've always been a fan of all Big Mama's works, her humourous view of UO, her roleplaying, her artistic works... And even though I don't have any news of her since many monthes, I can't stop admiring her works in her nightclub, in her shoppe (although it is now only decoration), in her apartementos. Andrea, you're great.

Urden / Engyr

Hi Urden!
Awww <:-) *sniff* - I find that so incredible that someone would remember. I know there must be so many new exciting faces in UO, people with ingenious ideas, doing new things there. Thanks for your touching note Urden, that really warmed my heart <:-). And I definitely haven't given up UO, it's just on hold. Otherwise I'd have shut down my accounts ages ago. Maybe something will happen soon... *winks*

Big Mama aka Andrea

Date: 2 Sep 2003

I know you must hear this all the time, but you have an amazing site and a wonderful gift! I love the portraits and Musi's stories. Makes me want to run a thief or hang at the Moonglow Bank and watch for her. I am a bit of an artist myself. I have done character sketches since I started playing d&d type games a long time ago. I finally did my first UO cahracter sketch, but its not cg. I'd love to talk to you about how you do your work. On paper, I'm quite good, but on a computer, I have alot to learn and I'm always looking for someone to teach me more! Again great site, and happy hunting!

- Kat (click to check her www site!)

Hi Kat!
Why thankyou very much! And yes I do get quite a few comments, even these days since it's been a couple of years since I have been playing UO seriously let alone updating the site. I find that quite incredible! Hehe I miss playing with Musi Mussukka. Too bad all her victims have moved to Trammel. ;-) I had a look at your site and really loved the way you could walk through the house and peek behind the doors. You have an adorable baby congrats! :-) As far as the portraits go, you should get your hands on Photoshop, learn to use layers and the paintbrush tool, then refer to my 1-2-3 steps for the portraits. Good luck!

Big Mama

Date: 19 Oct 2003

Hi, Im T.M. I love Ultima Online as much as my girl friend and thats alot... Ok maybe I dont have a girlfriend because I spend to much time playing UO but, I have options on girls. I don't go here to tell you my girlproblems but I did on getting my mages intelligence up. Me and him need it up really bad can you give advise? I love your store thxs for being a good player.


Hi T.M.
Awww all those girls out there pining for your attentions and all you can think about is boosting INT? Tsk tsk! As far as this type of advice is concerned, sorry pal - this ain't "UO Powergamers" - you should go there. Good luck!

Big Mama

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