Big Mama's Guestbooke


Date: 5 Jan 2001

I have seen your page(s) for a while now and admire the detail. I liked your treasure huntress outfit the best. fine page, i love the fonts and attention to art and detail! Pls come to my site and comment...Click here!

Selphie GM*Mistress of p@t

Date: 11 Jan 2001

Saphireena, Just like to say WOW what a great site. The houses are fantastic as well.

Glen of Europa

Date: 16 Jan 2001

Maybe thou dost not remember us, MaLo the Gray and Emeline Richemon. We met thee by chance and were so greatly impressed by the quality of your work and imagination. We wanted to thank thee again for the Welcoming and the visit thou did to our humble apartments. I do hope that this will inspire people to act the same.

Our Best Regards,
* reverences * MaLo & Emeline.

Date: 15 Jan 2001

I'm Speechless! Well almost, what a wonderful site dedicated to a great game that in some ways lets people lose themselves in dreams and fantasy. I found myself in that dreamland while looking through all the screenshots and noticing the actual work that went into this site. AWESOME JOB!!!! I have bookmarked this site for inspiration. now...If only I could tame a darned nightmare without dying a half dozen times...I'd have a nice screenshot too. Thanks for the peek at someone elses pleasure in UO.

OverLord / Jade Dragon of the Atlantic shard.

Date: 17 Jan 2001

I have looked over this site a few times now, I have played about a year and my feelings towards the game are reflected in your introduction. I'm 29 so this game is not merely for kids, it's the only game I play regularly at all. I am writing yet another entry here to simply say one thing "I LOVE YOU!" :) you're site and yourself have brought me some additional inspiration...I have been working on a site of my own. Thank you.

PS: How did you get the pictures of the castles from so high in the sky? it's a view I haven't seen before.


Greetings Stephanie :-) Aaaaaawww thats so sweet of you to say :-)))) Yeah I too pretty much forgot about the other games when I started playing UO. In fact I used to be very addicted to the internet chats like IRC - hah! They have all been forgotten as well :-P Uo has it all and more! Yeah not for kids only, thats for sure, over the xmas time I got a whole bunch of my mommy friends to start playing too - who are our age. And they LOVE it :-)) Let me know when your site is online ok? I'd love to see it!

PS: The view of the castles was done by taking lots of screenshots, then glueing them togther in Photoshop :-)

Big Mama

Date: 23 Jan 2001

Great site you gotta update it though many thinks arent in the right path :). STILL GREAT SITE!!


Date: 21 Feb 2001

It has to be one of the best designed UO pages out there - and it even has relevant and interesting contents. Keep up the excellent work!

Rengor of Europa

Date: 23 Feb 2001

I'm finnish too and just bought Ultima Online. Today I'm going to play it first time. You're site was interesting and it was fun to read about your characters. See you in Britain!

The Handy

Date: 6 Mar 2001

Hey, great site, very nice work !

Terran Priest
Society of Thieves, Felucca
Napa Valley
Be Enlightened in your Travels...

Date: 6 Mar 2001

I love your site. I am just wondering if you are still open for business?

Lady Maetrix

ANSWER: Yes we are! But we are moving all business to the web for several reasons, so from now on you can order products by clicking on the left hand side castle at the top of the page, which will direct you to the Big Mamas Shoppe page :).

Date: 8 Mar 2001

Great site and I have been to your castle, really awesome. Check our site out to sometime.

Nyte Doombringer- Gm Ranger Europa Shard

Date: 9 Mar 2001

found you in the Uo msg. board (knew you would like to know). I'm inpressed with your work. as a hobbie I build webpages, ok i have one and it sux :) i need a tip on sitemaps prog. I need a freewear prog. to learn on, I know you don't use "per-caned softwear" but was hopeing for some tips. thx, and I'll see you in UO i have a "hold" char. on your shard (VonBlack). sorry if i "shorthand" my text...

later, Von

Date: 15 Mar 2001

Beutiful site. Virtual hat\'s off to Roy Harper on that one. But you are bloody expensive.

Date: 16 Mar 2001

Wow! Great site. Im passing it on! Thank you for adding me in the Britannia Fashion section! Visit my shop in Felluca, NE of Vesper - The Temple of Roses- ta ta

-Alea/Tina Tai Lor, Lake Superior

Date: 5 Apr 2001

Excellant page!

-Martin Westmark

Date: 6 Apr 2001

Great job on the webpage! I am new to uo, play mostly on free servers, am looking for animated gifs of avatars and monsters from uo! cannot find anything using yahoo or search engines. Email me if anyone has anything.


Date: 26 Apr 2001

Good looking site...
I just wondered how on earth can you handle two different accounts when I allready have difficulties to control my time between ultima and my work :) Well perhaps I'll visit the shop to find something usefull for my house sometime... Safe journeys and see you at trammel or felucca sometime...

@ Gamoss

Date: 28 Apr 2001

Nice web site.

Ender, Sonoma

Date: 1 May 2001

I think that this is one of the best Ultima Online pages that I have seen around. You have done a bloody excellent job and I shall reccomend this page to many of my Ultima Online friends who play.

Cheers and a job well done,

Date: 9 May 2001

Did a search and found your site.The aquarium looks great ill have to visit one day.I havent played ultima in about 7 months but im reopening my account so i should be back soon.

Robbos - Europa

Date: 10 May 2001

Hienot sivut! Shoppiin en ole vielä törmännyt mutta kyllähän tuota aikaa riittää :).

Azmodan/Moradrim, Europa

Date: 14 May 2001

Great idea to have an online order form like this. I will certainly shop here from now on.


Date: June 1, 2001

Hail thee!
Nice to see you still doing fine and going strong! Now as I play again time to time, maybe I one day wander to the mysterious land of Trammel to see your castle... beware! :)

Outolintu (Masi)

Date: June 5, 2001

Greetings M'Lady.
I am Lord Deception Force Merchant of Despise [AOL Legends].
OOC: I like to complementing you on your wonderful and interesting site. I've found your links and items' pricing very informative. I wish to use some of your pricing as a standard for my items if you do not mind. I visit your site very often. I do not have any character made on Europa but if you happen to play AOL Legends please feel free to visit my shop. For directions and info please visit my home page. (link below)

Thank you,
LDF of Legends

Date: June 14, 2001

I think this sums it up -

Date: June 18, 2001

Wow what a great web site & shop !

Avram Garrison Member of Crux Ansata

Date: June 21, 2001

I love your site. and you castle/shop. It's great. Do you do web pages? I love the pictures with the names and the way it faces for each craftable item. You have done an excellent job. Also makes me want to play Europa. I play mostly Lake Superior and Baja.


Date: June 24, 2001

Morjens, shoppi näyttää tosi lupaavalta mutta sanon suoraan että oon aika pihalla sen sijainnista :) Pitää ruveta etsiskelemään...


Date: June 26, 2001

Hi Andrea!
You've done a fabulous job here with your pages. Very nice work. Ive added you to my favorites so I can return to your very helpful home page. Hope to see you in Sonoma ... *S*

Heavy, Sonoma

Date: June 30, 2001

great site! good chars, creative fashions :)


Date: July 8, 2001

Hello and kudos on the webpage! This is by far the most informative, entertaining, and kicka$$ website! I don't regularly play Ultima--i wish that i could, but it's not on my home computer. I do love playing when i can, and i hope to gain the fame and status that your characters have! Ultima is the greatest and i think i was lucky to find this page. if ya DO want to talk, my icq is ******* :)

l8ter, DooD! lol... zerocat23

Date: July 9, 2001

Very nice site! I love it


Date: July 11, 2001

Good site missin a few rares but good


Date: July 12, 2001

WOW! Your work is incredible! I play the Atlantic shard and was looking for ideas for a site for my guild. I wish I had half your talent!

AKA Enyao of Atlantic

Date: July 12, 2001

*lips don't move*
Nice. Have never seen a UO Page made with so much love...
Great.Really! Nice Stories... Would be more than a pleasure to meet you sometime... But I'm on Drachenfels, so no way. :-(
So don't know how to end this post, but live long and prosper :-) *bows*

b.schoppet, Drachenfels

Date: 13 Jul 2001

Dear Andrea,
I reached your site throught the UO Fashion page... And I must say, your work is outstanding. I hope to, one day, make web design a career. Your work is very professional and clean. Nice use of html and graphics. I don't know how often you get these kind of e-mails, but I really wanted to comment on your work. It's great! And you have a great homepage, too. Clean, sharp graphics and it's easy to navigate around within. I must say that you have a very nice portfolio, also. I give all of your work a 10. Even the simplest little pages you did... such as the IRC page. I know how it's like... I used to do IRC pages way back when... It's not easy making pages for every person to have a profile. :) I hope this e-mail inspires you to do even more outstanding work, and keep it up! You have a talent that few people have! Use it. :)

Best Wishes in Your Work,
-Travis M. Dennie

Date: July 20, 2001

Greetings, Just dropping you a line to say that your website is the best UO site I ever seen....guess you work on it for long time to get it like that.....Well someday I will build one about personal stuff of my characthers, etc....of UO.....BUT 1st I need to learn my HTML etc....
Well God Luck and God Bless.....


Date: July 30, 2001

im from great lakes and i just love your site, Rock on mama, Rock on.


Date: July 30, 2001

Moi, Hail!
For some reason today was the first time I visited your great homepage! What a fantastic job, very nice! Best of luck and take care!

Zayin of Custodes Fati

Date: August 6, 2001

Hail m'lady,
This is a very nice tome I found by a fluke. And I'm greatly surprised finding your wonderful report about the wedding of Annagh and Orion, who are both very good friends. *smiles*


Date: August 12, 2001

Words just cannot express how I feel about your site, It is very nice, Great content, And pictures. If you are ever on the Lake Superior shard and need someone to talk to, Feel free to send me an E-mail or even an ICQ.

Sinaj (aka-Carlos)


Date: August 13, 2001

Love the shop, may be buying some stuff once i'm back on me feet (just bought a house) especially pets seem interesting, my tamer isn't good enough for a dragon yet but i might stop by for a drake or two (btw how mutch taming and lore do ya need for those guys ?)


Date: August 16, 2001

Hail and well met, Mylady!
I just did some research on stratics, when i found a link you this page. Your name - which is in high honor in my guild - is very common to me, though only VMM met me once or twice. And i am not sure which "me" he met! The reason for this meeting was around April 2001, and is was to do collect some money for the coming mariage of Moya Faith and Odin. (And the daemon hunt was a disatster, as you might remember). So now i think it is time to reveal my idemtity. The guild i am speaking of os of course Crux Ansata. And i am known as Twilight, the bard who did hunt down some dragons, though most of the gold got looted by some shadowlords. Maybe you remember Senex trying to help you and Jellanie to get that tower next to the Moonglow Observatory. We had this problem with one box, and another guy who wanted this box as well. So, now as you know some of my identities. :)
So long, and good luck with your night club!

Godspeed, Senex, Twilight and the Troll

Date: August 17, 2001

You've created a great UO site. Beautiful! I was surpised to see that you are the vile Voi Mussi Mussi! We met as pupils in the Roleplaying Course at the Moonglow Lycaeum. I was there as Frobard the Swordsman. I never imagined that a girl/woman could behind the freaky creepy VMM character :) Good show!

Cat Man a.k.a Frobard

Hi Frobard :-)
Thankyou :) Heh the only reason Voi Mussi Mussi was vile was because he had been killing some NPC's to get their nice hued clothes - but now that he has access to a special dye tub, no more killing needs to be done and now he is glorious again! :)

Yes I remember, that was really fun, too bad I was too busy to go through with the rest of the course. But I hope it ended nicely for you all.

Hohohohoho freaky creepy? :) I think of him more as intelligent and sophisticated :)) But I can understand why he would be looked upon as freaky as well as creepy heheh. Actually "Voi Mussi Mussi" means is finnish for : "Oh honey honey" You see, I originally made him for my husband (I was trying hard to get him to play - without success might I add!!) and when I was asking him "What shall I name your character, he refused to say anything except "Oh honey honey" in a irritated voice, and thus that is what I named him. Also I could it imagine sounding pretty neat for anyone who is not finnish - maybe a french lord or something like that. Anyhow I'm glad you enjoyed my site, and perhaps our paths will cross again some day :)

- Voi Mussi Mussi

Date: August 18, 2001

Hey, great site. I was looking at the character parts, and Voudou's character interested me the most. The hue for the gold on his character, how was he able to get that?


Date: August 18, 2001

What a creative and inspiring site. I stayed following links and reading the content for ages.


Date: August 19, 2001

Wow! I just can't believe the depth and variety your web site provides. I have thoroughly enjoyed ever page. And I thought I was really into UO! :-) I have only just begun to be interested in UO compared to you!! Thanks for the fun. Hope to see you someday online!

The Glorious Lord Minor, Catskill Shard

Date: August 19, 2001

Oli kivat bileet ;)*potee krapulaa* Toivottavasti törmäillään


Date: August 24, 2001

wonderfull site very nice im happy to se this !do you play on drach too ?i have myself a artisan gm in Blacksmith, mining, carpentry, tinkering, tailoring i have lot of money and i try to buy a castel to make the same thing im so happy :) is web vendor site works better then vendor in game i dont see any magical weapon or armor and no rare items !

Thorgal, Drachenfels

Date: August 26, 2001

Reading the concept of a UO nightclub and actually seeing pictures on a website is a real shock to me. Although I regret I am not on the europa shard..IF something like this existed on the Sonoma shard it would be a real big hit. And I bet u could charge 500gp per entry. not 100. The idea of UO is interacting with people and thats a big part of what makes the game enjoyable. Great idea and great fun.

Andy, Sonoma

Hi Andy :)
Well we had to raise our ticket prices to 500 gp anyhow, because we changed the ticket system. We now sell wristbands (bracelets) and they use up gems to make so it is more expensive.

And this nightclub is meant for the enjoyment of ALL shards, so please come have some fun on Europa some time. Just like with rares museums, you don't need to actually live on that shard to enjoy it. So I hope to see you there some time *smiles*

- Big Mama

Date: September 8 2001

Fantastic site !
I browsed for quite a while.
I loved the fashion pages and your portraits are beautiful and do bring life to the characters...

Torment - CBH (Europa)

Date: September 8, 2001

Hello there,
This is the coolest player site I have ever been to... I play Baja and like you i was a huge fan of Ultima before i played UO. I started with Ultima III and was hooked. I live in Austin Texas and was lucky enough to meet the creator of Ultima, Richard Garriot(Lord British)and even made it to a few of his Halloween celebrations. I resised UO for 2 1/2 years after it started because i thought it would ruin the Ultima experience having it open to the public knowing that all that i discovered had either been discovered or will be. I like things personal. My brother, who was a Game Master at the time, convinced me to give it a try. So I did. Since then my kids and wife have givin up on me. I spend TOO MUCH TIME in front of the computer. It is good to see and hear from others that are in the same situation as I. Please feel free to visit me at one of my shops, east of Brit on the path between Brit and Vesper the Highlanders Provisioner II. Or in the woods near Vesper at the Highlanders Provisioner. I will be thrilled to see you or anyother adventurer that comes to visit.

Tricron, Baja

Hi :)
Oh wow thats a lot of history you have with Ultima! :) *impressed* I'd love to come visit some time, but which shard?

- Big Mama

Date: September 10, 2001

This site is fantastic . The work you have done with the portraits is amazing .. I guess Ill be saving like mad now for my 500 K *grins* later ..

Elastoplast, Europa

Date: September 13, 2001

Greetings !!!
Wow !!!!
Great website, i realy love the graphic works, so keep up the good work i will check back regulary.
*Pax Vobiscum*

Sir William Colfox
Knight Templar

Date: September 15, 2001

Really lovely and fantastic page

Mellissa, Europe

Date: September 18, 2001

Thanks have a lovely site, very helpful and entertaining. On the whole enjoyed it so much I bookmarked it!

Date: September 20, 2001

Great Site and excellent layout and colour choices, You should think about doing this for a living if you don`t already.

Mighty Mongo, Europa

Date: September 24, 2001

Excellent site and castle!
I stumbled onto your site when searching for decorating tips (I love the lounge), and am duly impressed. I don't live on the Europa shard, or surely I would take up residence when an opening was available.

Smythe Skepfen,
Founder, Cap & Dagger Casino

Date: September 25, 2001

I was at Big Mama's night when it was cross dressing event =) . I just wanna say i had sooo much fun. And Saph is doing a great job..

Archangel, Europa

Date: 26 Sep 2001

*looks amazed*as every time i come around and have a look at your site, I say.... WOW... it kinda resumes what i'm thinking of it :) Wonderful artwork from the first line to the last one. Just hope I'll once have to opportunity to have my own portrait made by your delicate hands... :) In the meantime *bows and drops a kiss and hand* I must be going, evil won't wait for me to perform his vile acts...


Date: 3 Oct 2001

Näähän on ihan upeet sivut!

Lone Reb

Date: 17 Oct 2001

Hello, I noticed you had some things on the roof of your castle, can you tell me how you managed this, I have a castle I would like to decorate. Thank you.

Jerrick of Sonoma

Date: 22 Oct 2001

Hi, I once visited with you from GL in you castle and shoppe, you showed me the sauna and also the apartmentos. Your char portraits are extraordinary and I have been looking at others before wanting to see my main char come to life, I think you could best do her justice. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Date: 23 Oct 2001

I was wondering how you get on the tower on your keep i have tryed to find my own way but allways get the "you can't see there" or "you can't teleport there" ?. Can you get me a hint :)

Lojack of AOL legends

Date: 30 Oct 2001

I am deciding to try Everquest or UO. I have been hearing rumours the UO experience is not what it once was. Something with new owners. Juat wanted to get your opinion.


Date: 10 Nov 2001

Very imaginative! I wish I thought of the castle ideas :). Truely inspired decorating also. I bow to your inginuity and vision.

Mako of Chesapeake

Date: 12 Nov 2001

Very very nice Hmepage! I'm not paying a long time Ultima Online, but I like it very much! Did you do this portrait pics by hand or what? It looks very nice! Hope you can tell me how you did this?


Date: 19 Nov 2001

Hi! I love your site, you are doing all of the things (shop, apartments, nightclub) that I have wanted to do for so long! Unfortunately I do not own 3 castles however. *grin* I am wondering if you have encountered any problems with renting out your castle. I am talking to someone about a possible renting agreement on Atlantic shard and am not sure what I should be careful about. Thanks!

Samantha deWinter
The Magickal Emporium on LS and coming to Atlantic soon!

Date: 26 Nov 2001

Congratulations on a very impressive site.You have given me alot of inspiration on how to make a beautiful and user friendly website that begs to be bookmarked. I have heard nothing but good comments about you in and out of UO, you obviously have a great talent and a kind nature. I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you sometime in the near future.

Regards, Kudos [NbN]

Date: 26 Nov 2001

Greetings !!! I was surfing around and in the link page, under Player towns the city of Templewood is missing, well here is the link so you can fix it, I wont tell any one and if you fix it quick maybe no other finds out ;-).


Date: 26 Nov 2001

Greetings !!! I was surfing around and in the link page, under Player towns the city of Templewood is missing, well here is the link so you can fix it, I wont tell any one and if you fix it quick maybe no other finds out ;-).


Date: 29 Nov 2001

Saph, your portraits are superb. I love the feeling and the emotion that you portray in them, it's as if they are true photographs of a person, absolutely fantastic work! In fact I would like to discuss commisioning a portrait with you, so if you could contact me that would be great. Man thanks,


Date: 24 Dec 2001

Excellent UO website. Just thought I'd pay the compliment where it is due. Only problem is that with my bad internet connection, I can't get into your Europa establishments without experiencing terrible lag. But I am sure that if they look as good as your site they will be stunning. Keep up the good work :)


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