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E V E N T S   O F   S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 1
S e p t e m b e r   8 t h   -   " M e e t   y o u r   M a t c h "   n i g h t

DJ Zeromus in da House!

DJ Zeromus

This night we had DeeJay, ! All the way from Finland, here to play us some rare dance tunes.

  • Zeromus's Fantastic UO Site with stories, toons and events

  • DJ Zeromus was a great success!
    All he had to do was say his name,
    and people would bow and lower
    to their knees in awe.

    Meet your Match!
    We had a little game to match some single people up. As each person entered the ticket booth, Maleena, our ticket seller would ask "Are you single and looking for romance?". If they said "No" or were unsure, I'd sell them a normal default admission ticket. But if they said "Yes!" I'd hand them a girl or boy sash and a special admission ticket. The ticket said inside:

      Boy Ticket/Girlie Ticket
      Hey there single gentlemen/ladies! Welcome to Big Mamas Nightclub!

      This ticket has a serial number on the last page. Somewhere in the nightclub is a single gent/lady with the matching serial number! Find him/her, then come together to the ticket booth to receive a prize!

      Insert normal admission ticket blab here

      Have fun and good luck finding your match ladies/gentlemen!

    At the back of the ticket was a number that would match up with one of the tickets of the opposite sex. There were 25 matches all in all (50 tickets). People seemd to really enjoy this little game as they walked around with their sash on , calling out their number.

    In the beginning of the night, there was a shortage of single females. Here you can see four single men in their blue sashes patiently waiting for some ladies to arrive.

    But later on, the ladies started to arrive as well. Here one single guy surrounded by three single gals :)

    Eventually, a total of eight matching couples were found which claimed their prize. They were handed prize certificites which can be seen below. Once the winners have made arrangements to go on their trips, I will post screesnhots of what happened on those days.

    S O M E   H I G H L I G H T S   O F   T H E   E V E N I N G

    Our staff had their hands full keeping the place under control from trouble makers and keeping customers happy, thus they were always on the run.

    Our staff hard at work. Waiter Dark Elf King calls out for orders as DJ Zeromus announces the next song.

    The lineup is still painfully long outside, as Bella works hard to keep people in order. One of the single men wears his blue sash and tries hard to entice women inside by showing all. It goes without saying that his tactic did not work well. Meanwhile some drunk people barf on the front lawn.

    A gentleman saunters up to the glacial bar and tries a simple "hi" when hitting on the lady seated there. I wonder if he had any success.

    The cream of Europa high society
    mingles in the courtyard.

    DJ Zeromus reminding people how to listen to the music.

    Here you can see how one of the gentlmen customers runs full
    speed towards the mens washrooms. I guess he had to go... BAD!!!

    Things heat up on the dancefloor after two ladies strip, then work together to lift a dancing man up high. I guess they wanted a better look at his... well you know *cough*

    Meanwhile Lady Breigh gives Lord Ulysses some of his own medicine with a good stiff *flash* while he tries to explain about his previous scandalous advances on Breigh.

    DJ Zeromus' Playlist for the night: