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    M U S I C

At Big Mamas Nightclub, when we say music, we don't mean a bard playing the same song over and over and over until it makes you nutty. Oh no, at the club we listen to REAL music!!

So how on earth does it work? Oh it is easier than you can imagine, and there are no installations, no plugins - NO FUSS.

First thing to do is BOOT YOUR MACHINE - so that your computers memory will be "clean" when you start. (if you have had many programs and processes going the music will most likely be broken up). Trust me, it'll sound much better, so just do it ;-).

Ok, got yer machine all booted and fresh and all? Great! Now follow these idiot proof instructions.

1. Choose which playlist best suits your connection:

  • Big Mamas Nightclub Lo
         (for 56k users)
  • Big Mamas Nightclub Hi
         (For T1/cable/ADSL users)

    2. Click on the big Play button

    After pressing play, you might get a window pop up, asking for a couple of simple configurations so the the stream will be the most efficient for your connection type. But it's very simple and straightforward. Before you know it, the music will start playing.

    It is normal that the connection to the stream may pause, or even disconnect at times, but it shouldn't happen very often. Just press PLAY to get it going again.

    P A S T   M U S I C   S E T S
    Each week we have a new DJ playing a new playlist compiled of songs they like.

  • DJ VMM's set for the grand opening
  • DJ Bella's set for the August 25th
  • Karaoke Songs on September 1st
  • DJ DeeJay's set for the September 8th
  • DJ DeeJay's set for the September 15th
  • DJ Esa's set for September 22nd
  • DJ Joay Ballard's set for October 6th
  • DJ Mentazm's set for October 13th
  • DJ Sam Hane's set for October 27th
  • VMM's set for November 3rd

    P L A Y L I S T   S T A T I S T I C S

    Here you can see the statistics of the Big Mamas Nightclub playlists.

  • Date = Date the playlist was played on
  • Dj = The Dj who had made that playlist in question
  • Lo Bandwith = The number of requests made for the low bandwith playlist (56k)
  • Hi Bandwith = The number of requests made for the high bandwith playlist (T1)
  • Total Requests = Total amount of requests made from both playlists put together
  • Total Hours = Total amount of listening hours of both playlists

    Date DJ Lo Bandwidth Hi Bandwidth Total Requests Total Hours
    Aug 18 Dj VMM 331 105 436 77:24
    Aug 25 Dj Bella 165 - 165 26:51
    Sep 1 Karaoke 99 57 156 37:07
    Sep 8 Dj Zeromus 367 28 395 45:20
    Sep 15 Dj Zeromus 63 17 80 28:26
    Sep 22 Dj Esa 56 27 83 34:38