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E V E N T S   O F   S E P T E M B E R   2 0 0 1

S E P   1 5 t h   -   A   S A D   W E E K E N D

Due to the World Trade center tragedy that had happened only 4 days prior, there were no lineups, no tickets, no special events or happenings at the nightclub. It was merely a time to cherish the comradeship of fellow UO players. The events of that past week had taken their toll on all and it went without saying that there was little inspiration or need for extra celebration. There was no special mourning, no candles lit, nor black colors, nor american flags made on the rooftop as had been done at many other establishments. We needed to show respect not only to those that were mourning and had come to UO to get away from it all, but also to show respect to all the innocent victims of this conflict, not just the american ones.

Our DJ for the night was DeeJay for the second weekend in a row. He continued where he had left off with even more rare dance tracks.

Due to the WTC tragedy, it was a very quiet night. People didn't have much inspiration for partying. In fact, some seemed a bit aggressive! Even though we had open doors that night and no no admission tickets, one customer was compelled to kick in the front door with mysterious Kung Fu moves!

Some customers rushed straight to our wide screen to check up on the latest news reports on CNN. Other customers were downstairs celebrating but felt a bit solemn so they ordered 2nd class champagne instead of 1st class, out of respect for the tragedy.

Eventually though, the atmosphere picked up and everyone was starting to get tipsy! At least an awful lot of hiccupping could be heard.

In fact, our waitress Bella revealed that she had been more than tipsy the last week... And what better way to forget her embarrasment than drink some more!

Meanwhile, someone's nightmare had gone wild and started to kill off customers mounts that were parked outside. Since the owner could not be found, our staff had to quickly "handle" the situation. The owner of the deceased llama was visibly happy that the nightmare had been put down.

Inside, the owner of the nightmare was leaving and asked where his steed was. One of the female customers gave him some "advice".

This same female seemed to have other evil streaks in her as well, for she started to command a gentleman to take his pants off - to the disgust of the other customers. Another gent with a golden cape, crossed the dance floor to return to his seat, but couldn't help noticing the raunchy scenario unfolding before him...

After "fixing up" the first customer, the naughty lady moved onto the female customers and proceeded to misbehave some more! Our gold caped hero walked around acting like he didn't notice but the truth was he couldn't keep his eyes off this red haired vixen. Thank goodness his fiance was visiting the ladies room.

While his fiance was away, the gold caped gent was approached by the red haired vixen. As with her previous victims, she offered this one sexual favours as well. But our boy was raring to go and urged her to get on with it since he knew his fiance would return very soon. But just as she was about to sit in his lap and do a lap dance, his fiance returned only to catch them in the act! What followed was a huge cat fight. The gold caped man's fiance was was absolutely furious and for good reason! For the rest of the night, the couple sat in silence and didn't speak to each other. Our hero didn't mind though, since he was fully enjoying watching the red head at her games on the dance floor.

For some reason, the gentlemen customers seemed especially satisfied that evening ;-).

Soon rumours of the naughty behaviour had spread amongst the rest of the customers and the raunchy atmosphere caught onto everyone, even the DJ was playing some "special" songs! By now, the gold caped man had dissappeared as had the redhead. Hmmm... His fiance decided to get revenge and sat down next to a handsome knight in silver armour.

Our DJ was getting quite tired, so one of the customers asked if she could fill in for a while. DeeJay was more than happy to let her take his place.

The lady did a great job and seemed like a natural at the DJ stand! Her aura took command of the whole room. Even one of the men on the dance floor wanted to bow down to her. No wonder her name was Lilith Respect.

DeeJay's (Zeromus) Playlist for the night: