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- 18th
- 25th
- 1st
- 8th
- 15th
- 22nd
- 29th
- 6th
- 13th
- 20th
- 27th
- 3rd
- 8th

Top Floor
- Glacial Bar
- Big Mamas Buffet
- Music Video cinema
- Pool Room
- Terrace
Bottom Floor
- Dance Floor
- Women's WC
- Men's WC
- Guestbook
- Office
- Ticket Booth

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    E N T R A N C E

Entrance fee: 500 gp

What to do when you arrive at the nightclub

  • If there is a lineup, please go to the end of the line and wait patiently for your turn. If you run inside or butt in front of others constantly, we will notice and take action. People who run inside without waiting their turn will be ejected from the building immediately and if they do it again, they will be banned. We do not remove bans. You mess up? You mess up. Whining will only make things worse, for your situation that is ;-).

    Sometimes the lineups go quickly and smoothly, sometimes they take longer. It all depends on how co-operative people are. The more hassle people give the staff of the nightclub, the longer they will have to wait. Try and make the best out of lining up, it can be fun if you let yourself be playful and imaginitive! Not only can you use this chance to flirt with others in line, but also check what the theme for that night is by saying "news" to the Town Crier on the front step. He will tell you if anything special is going on. This is also a good chance to start up the playlist and begin listening to the music to get in the mood.

    If there is no-one in line, walk into the ticket booth area and check to see if the inner door is locked. If it is, proceed to the next part, if it isn't walk inside, for we will have open doors at that point.

    Once it's your turn
  • If it is your turn, and the doorperson says "Next!" or beckons you to go in, proceed past the doorman into the ticket booth area. Here you will see a vendor named Kenneth. He sells admission wrist bands (bracelets) for 500 gp each. Buy one and put it on.

    You bought a wristband - now what?
  • To get past the second doors and actually into the nightclub, you will need to show your wrist band to our inner doorman. Do not drag the wristband into a trade window, it is enough that you are wearing it, for your paperdoll will be checked. Wear it for the remaineder of the night.

    When you "flash" your wristband to the doorman, make sure you don't have any clothes covering your wrist at that time. Note that using old wristbands will not work, for we sell different kinds every weekend. When the doorman has seen that you are wearing an official wristband, they will open the inner doors to allow you passage to the nightclub.

    You crashed or had to leave, can you get back in with the same wristband?
  • Yes, as long as you are wearing your wristband, you are free to come and go through the course of the evening. If you crash and are bounced to the entrance of the building, you do not have to line up to get back in, simply explain that you crashed and show your wrist to get back in.

    Can you use the same wristband next weekend too?
  • No, we sell a different kind of wristband every weekend, with a different kind of gem, and different amount. Besides, paying 500 gp once a week isn't that bad is it? *smiles*