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H I S T O R Y   -   P R O M O T I O N A L   L O V E S T O R Y

This is the lovestory that was used to promote the grand opening of the nightclub. Enjoy!

  • Chapter I
  • Chapter II
  • Chapter III
  • Chapter IV
  • Chapter V
  • Chapter VI

    Chapter I

    She looks dreamily out of the window of her humble stone cottage, and plays with her long blonde tresses. "Six more days left" she sighs in frustration. At least it will give her ample time to prepare for Saturday's big event. She'll need to mine some shadow ore for her new outfit, as well as buy some hairdye from the Moonglow provisioners shop. She wants to look her very best, the night of the opening, in case the man of her dreams happens to be there.


    He walks along the shoreline north of Trinsic, on his way to slay some Lizardmen for their hides. Nearing the end of his journey, something glittery catches his eye. His gaze is fixed upon the massive stone building. A castle, with glowing glittering decorations on the front steps. "Hmmm I wonder what this place is". The sign says: "Big Mamas Nightclub Opening 18. August - Everyone welcome!". He raises his eyebrows, surprized. "Hmmh imagine that!" He marks a rune, then yields his sword as he strides off towards a band of squeeking lizardmen.

    Chapter II

    She pauses to wipe the sweat from her brow, then rubs her hands on the filthy apron tied around her waist. The sodden garment documents the hundreds of mining trips, like this one, that she has made over the last few years. During that time, she has mastered the skill well enough to recognise veins of the rarest ores, even valorite which can be rarely found.

    As she mines along the mountainside, she passes a large herd of ostards grazing. Some of the females are with offspring and the huge muscular male guards his band with special attention because of the little ones. But she knows that wild ostards are timid creatures and very docile as pets, so she is not frightened of the group thus continues mining. Her solitary work is often accompanied by a feeling of loneliness, so she finds their cute squawks and squeeks somewhat comforting.

    Just as she is about to move on to the next spot, something above, glitters in the sunlight. "Valorite!!!" she whispers under her breath. She struggles to climb farther up the mountain to get at the blue vein of valorite ore that beckons her. This, the rarest ore in existance (and the most valuable), is what she has been looking for all day long with no luck till now. She hacks and hacks at the stone, sending small chunks flying in all directions. But the vein is rooted deep within the rock, and it takes her several hours to get it all out. Completely exhausted but deliriously happy with the ample pile of valorite ore in her backpack, she starts to descend the steep mountainside. It is already late, so she is looking forward to the long bath she will take, and the warm meal that awaits her.

    During this time, she fails to notice that the band of ostards has moved directly under the cliff, and as she descends, a large boulder comes free of the earth that was holding it. It rolls heavily and quickly towards one of the infant ostards! She gasps "Oh no!!" as she watches the boulder speed towards the youngster.

    The ostard baby squeels as she dodges the massive piece of rock just in time, which sets off shrill calls of warning from her mother. The smell of fear spreads like wildfire within the herd and causes a wave of panic and chaos. Ostards run all over, unsure of the direction the source of danger is coming from.

    The trembling girl lets out a sigh of relief and she's glad that the baby ostard had not been hit. This sweet miner girl loves animals and could not hurt even a fly. Causing an accident to such a lovely creature would have crushed her heart. Still a bit shaken, she starts to descend the last few steps down the mountain, but freezes in place when she sees a pair of gleaming red eyes staring at her - filled with utter hate. She knows that if she were to take one more step down, the massive male ostard would shred her to pieces.


    As he walks along the rocky trail, he thinks about the new things he has learned of that nightclub he had some across the day before. It had been on the bullitin board at Minoc bank, an advertisment of the upcoming grand opening. Everyone at the bank was talking about it and suspense was building amongst the people. Who was going, who would wear what. The single men had silly grins on their faces and the single girls were acting all giggly and coy. He guessed they were excited about the matching pair tickets system. He had read that each admission ticket had a serial code, that matched one other admission ticket, and that one of each would be given to the opposite sexes. The couple with the matching tickets were supposed to find each other, then claim a prize from the Big Mama herself.

    As he continues along the trail, farther and farther from the bustling sounds of Minoc, he notices some fresh tracks in the dust. This is not unusual, seeing as this is a favourite area for miners. But he knows well that mountainside miners work during the day, when the veins are easily visible. But now the sun was already setting so he wonders why any miner would be up in the desolate rocky place at this hour. Something... call it a sixth sense, drives him to investigate further. Something is just not right, he can feel it in his bones. He uses his tracking skills to search for the person who had made the tracks, not an hour ago, straining his eyes to see the footsteps that will lead him to their owner.

    Chapter III

    The powerful male ostard trots around, determined to find a way to get nearer to his enemy. But there is no passage to the human standing up above him on a small ledge. Although his herd of female and infant ostards has already calmed down and gone back to their grazing, the male is still pumped up with hatred toward the girl and he would readily end her life with his powerful hindlegs, if given the chance.

    The girl and the ostard have been staring at each other for some time now. Her body aches all over from straining to keep balance on the small ledge. She knows she must do something soon, for the sun is setting and she will lose visibility of her surroundings completely if she doesn't hurry. She must make a move before the trail is engulfed in the darkness, otherwise she'll be stranded in the mountains for the night, making easy pickings for any predators passing by.

    Yes, she simply must deal with the hissing ostard below in one way or another. She looks through her backpack for a weapon for defence, but instead finds her old tambourine. "Yes of course!" she whispers optimisticly, "I'll just play a soothing tune and run!". She had many times witnessed people using their instruments to calm down angry animals.

    She is not about to leave all that valorite behind, that she worked so hard for, so she heaves the heavy backpack on, equips the tambourine and starts to descend the last few steps of rock all the while rythmicly shaking her tambourine. As she reaches the ground, the ostard stands in place, twitching his ears, confused by the new sound he is hearing and not able to decide whether he likes it or not. Assuming that her trick is working, she quickens her pace and breaks into a run. Unfortunately the ostard awakens from his state of hypnosis as the soothing ryhtm is broken into a messy jangle as the girl starts to run. The feelings of hatred seep back into the ostards small head and he sprints after his prey at an amazing speed. She hears the thud of his feet closing in on her and picks up her gait. But the ostard is too fast, and she is too slow due to her heavy backpack and utter exhaustion. The last thing she feels is a massive blow to her back and her face hitting the cold stone.


    He lights a torch to better see where the footsteps in the dust lead to, and sees that he is getting very close now. The tracks are getting fresher by the minute. That odd feeling of dread is also building inside, and he breaks into a light run. Before long he arrives at a small clearing which is home to a band of small ostards grazing in the darkness. Some females raise their heads in curiousity, but then continue grazing. One ostard stands out from the others, for not only is it a much larger and hardier breed than the others, but it has massive clawed hindlegs that are ripping away at a formless pile on the ground. "A frenzied ostard!" he exclaims in horror. Frenzied ostards are known for their viscious temper and are animals to be avoided if at all possible. It is not for himself that he feels fear, but for the form on the ground which has fallen victim to the beasts violent behaviour.

    Is that a person at the ripping feet of the massive ostard? He forgets about any danger he might be in and runs forward, waving his torch wildly at the ostard, hoping to scare it away. Thankfully the sight of fire frightens the beast enough to make it retreat. The male, having thoroughly spent his aggression and not wanting to pick a new fight, decides to move his band farther away to a safer area.

    He runs toward the lifeless form on the ground and raising his torch, notices vast piles of blue ore and shredded pieces of leather strewn about. "A miner - I knew it!" He gasps at the violent sight and fears for the worst as he draws nearer to the lifeless form. His heart pounds harder as he gains visibilty of the victim. Surprisingly the miner looks intact, for the backpack had protected the body from the violent blows and eventually broken apart from the body, giving the ostard something to kick and tear apart. Tha backpack had saved the miners life!

    He turns the limp body over to reveal the face of a scruffy dirty girl. She moans a bit and her eyes twitch as she regains conciousness. He gently helps her sit up and their eyes meet as she squints in the light of the torch. The contrast of her blue eyes against the dark dirty face laced with blood and matted hair creates an illusion of her having sapphires as eyes, a sight that he will not soon forget. She then notices the throbbing pain in her head and holds her hand to her head. He brushes the clumped strands of hair away from her face and asks if she is alright. She nods, trying to get up, but is too weak and drops back to the ground. He says "Here, let me carry you home miss, you are in no condition to walk" as he picks her up with ease.

    Chapter IV

    They travel down the mountain path towards the sleeping town of Minoc. They utter not a word, for she is too exhausted and he is a man who acts, not says. The only sounds are those of his leather boots crunching upon the rocky path. Once in a while a wolf can be heard howling in the distance. She lies nestled in his arms and takes in every element of this mysterious man. It's the first time in her life that she has had physical contact with a man, for her father had died when she was an infant. The warmth of his body, strength of his arms and rythmic beat of his heart pounding against her arm, overwhelm her completely. She barely dares to breathe, as not to break the intoxicating spell she is under. Mostly she keeps her eyes shut, but once in a while squints to watch the mans face bobbing up and down against the stars. His face is partially hidden from strands of black hair, but one can just see a pair of pearcing eyes look forward sternly, and a masculine chin that juts out defiantly.

    Later on, he will notice how his arms ache from tensing his muscles, but not now. For now his concentration is set on one thing only, to get this poor girl to a healer as soon as possible. She is actually light as a feather, and he could relax his arms easily, but his worries for the girls wellbeing persist in tensing every muscle in his body. Once in a while he glances down, hoping to catch a glimpse of those mesmerising blue eyes. But each time he looks, her eyes are shut. He guesses that she is fast asleep. Her warmth and softness make his blood race, but he is a honourable man and does his best to stifle his emotions, instead channelling that energy into walking even more swiftly.

    Eventually they reach the town of Minoc. The whole town is fast asleep, and the only movement comes from the flicker of the flames in the lanterns hanging on the walls. He knocks on the healers door impatiently, but then pauses, realising that he doesn't even know where the girl lives, let alone her name. A feeling of panic and realization rushes over him. Will he ever seen those beautiful eyes again? Just as he is about to wake the girl up to ask, an elderly woman opens the door squinting up him. "For gods sake man! What are ye pounding on me door fer at this hour?!". But before he can explain, the healer continues on to say "Oh no! I can see that this lass is in a bad state! Here quickly lad! Lay her on this bed!" He does as he's told and steps back while the healer attends to the girl in short quick movements. He watches the healer working on the girl for a few moments, but realising he can do no more for her, leaves.

    As he walks away, the events of the night cycle through his head. How fate had led him to this blue eyed girl, how he had saved her just in time from the violent male ostard. The beast had been ripping at the bag of ore and.. Oh the ore! It had no importance to him [i]then[/i], since saving her life was his top priority, but now he knew that if he were to collect the ore, he'd have an excuse to see her once again. The sun was already rising so he'd have to be quick before early bird miners came along to collect her hard earned ore into their own bags. By the time he reaches the clearning, rays of sunshine are bathing the chunks of valorite and they glitter like gems in the dust. He doesn't know anything about the types of ores, but he senses that there must be something special about this blue kind. The metal was beautiful even in it's raw form and reminded him of her eyes. He swiftly packs the chunks in his backpack and heads back to Minoc. Only the shredded bits of leather, some flapping in the breeze, are left to mark the horrific events of the night.

    When he arrives at the healers shack, there is no light, and no sounds. The door is shut tight. After tending to the girl the healer had returned to bed herself and both girl and healer were sleeping deeply now. He had no choice other than to leave his backpack by the door, knowing that the ore would reunite with it's rightful owner later on. He walked home utterly exhausted, tired and hungry and it was now that he started to notice the throbbing ache in his muscles. But he relished the pain, for it reminded him of [i]her[/i], and that intimate wordless walk down the mountain.

    Chapter V

    A high pitched CLANG! can be heard echoing in the small valley as she smiths her outfit. For tonight is the grand opening of the Big Mamas Nightclub in Trinsic. Everyone is going to be there. Everyone. She hopes that he will too. Originally she had planned on making a female armour piece out of shadow, but since she was lucky enough to find valorite, it goes without saying that she would use this beautiful rare metal instead. For she wants to look beautiful and rare tonight. Right now, she looks more like an unpolished gem though, as the sweat poors down her dirty skin. The combination of the swealtering heat from the forge, and the hard work in pounding the perfect shape into the armour, form a small puddle of sweat on the floor where she is standing.

    She pauses to take a breather and drinks some cold water. Her thoughts drift off again... Is he coming? Is he somehow preparing for tonight, at this very minute, like she is? Is he thinking about her also? The questions race through her mind and she gets butterflies in her tummy. He hadn't expressed any feelings toward her one way or another, but during that intimate walk to Minoc, she had felt it.

    This morning, when she had awoken at the Minoc Healers, she had felt fit as an ox. Thankfully, the only thing to show of the nights events was the scar on her chin and another on her knee. The kind old lady healer had taken good care of her, cleansing and bandaging her wounds. Also, to the girls wonderment, the healer had handed her a backpack. "Is this yers miss? I found it leanin' up against the front door. Almost couldn't open the door ye know!" she laughs.

    When she had looked inside, she had found the valorite ore she'd mined the day before, and gasped. Had he gone to fetch it, for her?! It was then her feelings elevated to a most definite infatuation. As if the further revealment of his kindness confirmed her, till now, unsure feelings. She had fondled the backpack, thinking about how the leather straps had had contact with his skin. Chills had gone down her spine in a most delightful manner. Only problem was that she didn't know who he was or where he was from. She so, wanted to thank him for saving her life. Sighing deeply with a mysterious smile on her face, she wakes up from her memories and continues her work.

    At last the female plate piece is fitting for her small figure. She gently places it on the forge to get it ready for the last phase, hardining and tempering. This will make the metal so sturdy that it will not break. Once the female plate piece is glowing a bright orange, she lifts it off and dips it into a barrel of cold water causing a massive cloud of steam to form. Once it has cooled down, she raises it out of the water and starts polishing the smut away. Bit by bit, the glow of the blue valorite comes through and sparkles like a sapphire. She tries the armour on and poses in front of the mirror, turning left and right. "Perfect! Will he even recognise me?" she laughs as she starts filling the bathtub with hot water.

    She spends the rest of the day sewing herself a new long skirt of black velvet, polishing her black sandals and dyeing her mousy blonde hair to a radiant black. Once in a while she stops to daydream about what will happen tonight, at the nightclub. She can barely contain herself once her imagination starts to run wild and she can hardly wait for tonight.


    "Big Mamas Nightclub grand opening tonight!" Town cryers can be heard yelling the news all over Britannia. He passes by the town cryer of Minoc and relishes each ear piercing call. For the more that people know, the more likely is that she will know too. He could help the town cryers, but it is not of his nature to attract attention to himself, so he advertises the event in his own silent way. He takes one more rune from his pouch, and drops it on the ground. For the last hour he has spread hundreds of runes in the various cities. They all lead to the nightclub. He has also tamed dozens of wild birds renaming them "Miner girl, meet me at Big Mamas Nightclub tonight!", hoping that they will fly to the farthest reaches of the Britannian countryside and spread the word.

    Once his pouch of runes has depleted, he fetches his trusty steed from the local stables and gallops off the trail to the south. After riding ten minutes or so he stops at a small cottage. The sign says "Riodan McGregor, Grandmaster Tailor". Before he can knock, the door flies open and he is greeted by a beaming elderly man. The tailor beckons his client in and scurries to the back room to retrieve a full set of clothes. "Here you go m'lord. Black long pants, white shirt and a brand new pair of black leather boots, all tailored with the finest cloth in Britannia." "And by Britannia's best tailor might I add! Thankyou Riodan, they look absolutely splendid. I shall be proud to wear clothes that carry your name." "Ye have a nice time at that event they're holding in Trinsic tonight, ye'll be the most dashing gent in the whole place! I might even drop by m'self to have a gander at the pretty ladies" he chuckles "Farewell m'lord!" With a twinkle in his eye he bids farewell to the tailor, mounting his stallion and galloping off to get shaved and dressed.

    Only a few more hours before the opening of the nightclub. Before meeting the miner girl, he was looking forward to tonight for the mere pleasure of experiencing something new and exciting, but now his thoughts are filled with flashbacks of last nights dramatic events. The evening will feel like nothing at all, if she is not there. No matter how many beautiful women are there, he has eyes only for a scruffy little girl, dressed in sodden clothes, with the sparkling blue eyes.

    Chapter VI

    About an hour before the nightclub is due to open it's doors, he arrives, thinking that he came early, but is astonished to see the mile long line of people trailing along the shoreline. He would have wanted to ask the lady of the house if she needs any help with preperations, but the heavy metal doors were locked tight, letting no-one in. He overhears people explain that they have been there for several hours already, which baffles him a great deal. As he walks along toward the end of the lineup, he searches for a set of blue eyes, but with no luck. The only thing he can do now is to line up himself and hope that tonight, fate will bring them together, somehow, somewhere.

    Was it really last night that they had met? It felt like a week had gone by. Once again he went through the events in his mind, grasping at the recollections of her. The sodden clothes, through which he could feel her warm soft little body, the way her long hair swayed under his arm as he carried her, the sound of the cotton skirt, as the helm blew in the strong mountain winds and flapped against his sides, her dark dirty face, from which you could make out a small delicate nose, and rose colored soft lips. Her eyes were something else though, and it was the eyes that perisisted in haunting his thoughts. Large sparkling blue eyes that hypnotised you. Eyebrows that started low from the inside, and were raised high going outwards, making her look like a creature of great intelligence. Her eyes were beatiful while shut as well, for the lids were large and shaped like seashells, topped off by long lashes sprinkled in dust from her hard work.

    Some ladies in the line ahead were glancing at him, whispering and giggling, then nudging each other once in a while. They were clothed like ladies of high status and wore expensive jewels and gems. But he was dreaming and his glazed eyes would see nothing other than the images alternating in his mind.

    He awakens to being shoved by someone, and notices that people are running towards the castle. The doors have opened! Never has he seen such chaos in all his years and he calmly walks towards the main entrance, scanning the crowd for blonde hair and those eyes.


    "Come on Dandy, not far to go!" she urges. They have been travelling for a couple of hours already and her horse which she usually uses for carrying ore, is exhausted from the extensive galloping. A strong steed, but not one used to running long distances. The trip has been a long one, since her humble abode is nestled in a small valley between the northen forests of Vesper and the Minoc mountains. An area very far away from Trinsic.

    Just as they are passing through the bustling town of Britain, Dandy stops dead in his tracks. She gets off to see what the problem is, and notices that the poor beast is breathing heavily and has a white foamy sweat all over his neck and chest. She urges Dandy to follow her to the nearest stable to get a drink, thinking that water is all that is needed to refresh the beast. But after he takes in a large amount of water, he saunters off to the shade of a large tree nearby, absolutely spent. He closes his eyes and proceeds to sleep. She realizes that she worked the poor steed too hard and had no choice other than to tie him up and walk the rest of the way to Trinsic.

    As she walks along the path leading south, many people ride by, presumably on their way to the opening as well. "Better hurry miss! Opens up soon!" someone yells. She is frustrated from having to walk, and feels left behind, not to mention that her long black velvet skirt has become dirty and dusty. Her black sandals are also starting to wear out.

    Once again she hears hoofs coming up behind her and waits for the rider to ride by. "Woooah Silver, not so fast!" the man laughs to his horse as they pass her by. He turns around to face the girl and greets her, taking off his hat. He has a masculine face and friendly twinkling eyes. "G'day miss! Are ye off to the nightclub? Need a ride?" She is so stunned that all she can do is flash a big smile and extend her hand up to his. He pulls her up and they gallop off towards the northern shores of Trinsic. Along the journey he yells out some friendly small talk, explaining the things he has done to prepare for tonight. He also mentions that he will be taking part in the bachelor auction they will be having. But she does not comment, for although he is nice, her thoughts revolve around one person only - him.

    Once they arrive, they both gasp at the sight and sounds. A pounding rythmic beat can be heard from within, and hundreds of people mingle on the terrace that crowns the main entrance. He drops her and promises to return once his steed has been stabled. She hopes this doesn't happen very soon, for she does not want to be tied down to an admirer on her tail all night. Before stepping inside, she wipes the dust off of her skirt and takes a deep breath. At the ticket booth, she offers to pay admittance, but is told that there is free admission for everyone tonight. With each step she takes, she stops to scan the people for that familiar face, the wild black hair and the piercing eyes. But all she can see are dozens of jolly people laughing and drinking, toasting and talking.


    It has been nearly an hour since the doors opened and by now he has pretty much lost hope of finding her here. The castle is so massive and full of people that two people could easily lose each other amongst the crowd. Little does he know that he has seen her a couple of times, but only from behind. And since his eyes have been scanning blonde, not black haired ladies, he has failed to notice her. He feels utterly dissappointed, and even betrayed. He is angry at himself for letting his imagination get carried away. How silly he had been to imagine that they had an unspoken bond, an unspoken pact, to meet here tonight. Perhaps she didn't even remember him? After all, she had been cold out when he found her, and probably in a mixed state while he carried her, sleeping most of the journey. Even if she did remember him, her feelings were probably no more than what she would feel for any person that helped her out. Gratitude at most. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became with himself.

    During the evening, he had turned down several ladies who had tried to flirt with him and now he regretted doing so. Only 2 days ago he had fantasized of meeting pretty ladies here, feeling a yearning for romance. And now he had ruined his chances. A feeling of desperation overcomes him as he watches people pairing off gradually. He is startled as a lady in powder blue runs by yelling: "BACHELOR AUCTION STARTING NOW!!! BACHELORS PLEASE LINE UP BEHIND THE BAR!!" Tis the lady of the house!. He runs after her tapping her shoulder. "Yes sir? Are ye one of the bachelors that signed up? Get to the line up over there!" and points in the direction of the blue bar. "But M'lady I've not..." But she does not hear him for she is in a great hurry to continue her announcements.

    He does as told, although he never signed up for the auction. He hopes the hostess will not mind. A strong decision is made to forget the childish fantasies of the miner girl, and to get on with the action of the evening before he is left barehanded, so to speak. The bachelors wait impatiently in the line up, nervously combing their hair and rearranging their garments. One by one, they are auctioned off, some for more, some for less. Finally the hostess Saphireena fetches him and asks his name, checking her list. "I'm sorry sir, but I cannot find you on my list, you did sign up didn't you?" He coughs in embarrassment and explains that he only decided to take part at the last minute, for he had been stood up by the girl of his dreams and felt down. "Aaaw poor lad, well, I guess one more won't hurt, but I don't know that anyone will buy ye, most of the ladies have bought several gentlemen as is! But good luck to ye!"

    He walks down the catwalk slowly, holding himself with defiant pride. The crowd gazes upon the handsome features and piercing eyes. He stops to sweep the heavy black strands of hair off his face, and scans the ladies with a slight smile. The people are feeling lazy and bored, for they have already watched 15 bachelors being auctioned off. They are eager to get away, some to the bar, some to the dancefloor. But his radiant aura captivates the hearts of a couple of the richer older ladies who have bid on many men already, and one shouts "1000 gold pieces!!" Another meets the challenge and shouts "2000 gold pieces!!" Even the hostess joins in on the bids.

    This goes on for some while and the stakes get higher. He is indeed a handsome sight standing proudly in his crisp white shirt, black long pants and shiny leather boots. His tanned skin and black shiny hair crown it all. He continues to scan the audience and all of a sudden his eyes are caught by a bright blue flash as someone joins the crowd. He squints to see better and recognises the metal of the female armour that the girl is wearing. He stops breathing for a moment, for he would know this metal anywhere! Tis the same blue metal as what the girl had mined! His gaze is set on the shapely blue armour, which emphasises the womanly shape and moves upward to see long black hair, tied back and a face so familiar yet so sad. The girl is looking down and she seems to be in tears. It is then that she looks up at him. The moment stands still, all sounds are lost, almost as if the two of them would be standing there alone. Their eyes lock, and it takes a few seconds for each to realize who the other is. "45000 GOING ONCE! 45000 GOING TWICE!..."

    She wakes from her daze and shouts out "46000!!" She only has about 50 000 in the bank and hopes that no-one will tryto outbid her. "49000!" shouts the elderly lady who seems to be very wealthy, judging from her massive diamond jewelry and satin dress. "50000!!" she shouts, giving the old lady a serious look, as if to say "He's mine!". But the rich woman will not be intimidated by such a young girl, and she shouts the winning bid of 60000, as if to show the girl that she is set on getting this man at any cost.

    Their eyes are locked on one another, but the auction is announced as being over, and the crowd eagerly disperses from the immediate area. The old lady takes him by the arm and pulls him away, cackling that she has plans for him. Meanwhile she is being disrupted as well, for the gentleman who gave her a ride to the nightclub has finally found her and wants to dance - now! As each is pulled in different directions their gazes search frantically for the other over the bobbing heads of the crowd.

    He acts distracted as the old lady takes him to the nearest bank for payment. On the way he makes attempts to explain that it was all a mistake, and that he had not even signed up for the auction, but the lady just laughs dryly, presuming that the lad is just shy and unexperienced in the ways of love. He is honourable though, and must finish what he has started, so he agrees to do what she asks. As they leave the bank, they pass by the local tavern, and the old woman pops in to buy some wine. As they walk to her place, she drinks the wine, offering him some as well, but he politely refuses. By the time they reach her place, she is thoroughly intoxicated and lies down on the bed laughing hysterically. Just as she beckons for him to join her, she falls asleep mid sentance and starts snoring. He feels a massive wave of relief and quickly throws the check he got from her onto the small table beside the bed, exits the house and makes sure the door is locked. Then runs as fast as he can, back to the nightclub.


    Ever since that last moment that she saw him she has thought of nothing else. After politely dancing one song with the gentleman that brought her here, she suggests he ask some other ladies, more keen to dance than she. But he is drunk and roudy, the sort of man that is not capable of sensitivity towards others. He has a one track mind tonight - to win the heart of this girl. Whether she likes it or not. She tries to escape by climbing upstairs to the terrace, but he follows like a love sick puppy. Sighing, she sits up at the front, with a view overlooking the entrance, to watch people coming and going, hoping that she will catch a glimpse of him. All the while, her admirer bombards her with attention, and she really wishes he would take a hint and go away. But he persists, and sits down adjacent to her, blubbering his life story in a drunken slur.

    The time passes and the sun has set a while ago already, only the lanterns produce light anymore as they flicker against the stone walls of the castle. The man that escorted her, is drunk as a fish, and still babbling, but words that she cannot comprehend. She has had enough. She stands up to go away but takes one final look out to the front of the nightclub and sees a patch of white bobbing up and down in the darkness. Could it be him? She is not quite sure... but as he runs closer and the lights of the castle engulf him, she becomes positive. He has come back for her after all! His eyes scan the people up on the terrace and lock onto her blue female plate. He waves to her and she waves back. Both hearts pound so hard that they will surely burst. She leaves the drunk man to mutter to himself, and runs downstairs as fast as she can, bumping into people as she goes. "Sorry! Excuse me! Sorry" she says along the way. Finally she reaches the dark deserted courtyard and runs straight into his arms. Their bodies lock together as if from one mold, and for a moment, neither dares to move nor breathe. They just stare at each other, her in his warm safe embrace. It feels so right. As if this is where they were destined to be - in each others arms. How could it have ever been otherwise? They need not say anything, for their minds think the same thoughts. The moment is filled with great relief and serenity. Their love for one another is so strong, overpowering and pure that words are not needed to say it out loud. Both know.

    He gently raises her chin with his right finger to soak in the blue sapphire eyes he so very much missed. He then pulls her even closer with his left arm and kisses her rose colored lips passionately. A wave of electricity surges through hot blooded veins and the world spins around them. Most of the people have already left, but the lady of the house, Saphireena, stands up on the terrace gazing down at the couple in the darkness and smiles, for romance is what she was striving for, here tonight at the opening of the Big Mamas Nightclub.

    The End