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B I G    M A M A S    N I G H T C L U B

No matter who you are, no matter what shard you play on, you are WELCOME to the Grand Opening of the Big Mamas Nightclub this upcoming Saturday!!

  • When? Where? Statistics
  • What is this event, and why is it being held?
  • Some things to take into consideration - READ
  • The Dresscode
  • How can I listen to the music?
  • LADIES! Check the Bachelors up for Auction!
  • Other fun and games
  • The Future of Big Mamas Nightclub
  • Want to read the promotional Love story?

    When? Where?

    Day: Saturday, Aug 18, 2001
    Time: 20:00 - 24:00 GMT
  • EST: 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • CST: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • MST: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • PST: 12:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    Location: The old Big Mamas Shoppe castle in Trinsic
    Coordinates: 76o, 33S, 38o, 40E
    Facet: Trammel
    Shard: Europa
    Map: Here
    Entrance fee: 100 gp (ticket includes surprises, read below)

  • Statistics

    Bachelors that have signed up for the bachelor auction: 20

    Shards that will be represented (so far):
  • AOL Legends
  • Baja
  • Europa
  • Drachenfels
  • Great Lakes
  • Napa Valley
  • Pacific
  • Sonoma
  • What is this event, and why is it being held?

    The castle used to be a shopping mall, but since stocking 20 vendors ALONE was horribly hard and expensive - not to mention all the customers crashing on the steps. Well I decided to fire the vendors and start selling stuff here on the web site where you can fill out order forms to buy stuff. It has worked out extremely well!

    But the castle has become deserted and only a place to admire for it's decorations anymore. Pah, I want to use it for more than eyecandy! Thus I decided to turn it into a NIGHTCLUB! Now thats something new and innovative! And fun!!

    The really cool part though, is that instead of people having to listen to bards twankering away at their intruments (I mean who in their right mind can listen to that all night?) we will have REAL GENUINE DANCE MUSIC! Yes, all those people mingling, chatting, flirting, drinking and dancing, will ALL be listening to the same songs at the exact same time! Pretty cool eh? :)) I think this has made UO History!

    The nightclubs main purpose is to serve all single Britanians looking for a little romance in their game, or real life. Want to meet Mr/Miss Right? This is the place to come! But those that just want to groove to the beat, or talk to our sympathetic bartender, are welcome as well :)

    Some things to take into consideration - READ!

    The place you are going to is a nightclub. Any rules that pertain to a real life nightclub, pertain to this one as well:

  • Remember to boot your computer before the start of the event, to avoid lag. It will be lag-o-rama tonight because we will be in a castle, we will be in Trammel, there will be hundreds of people, and the music stream will take it's own share of the bandwith.
  • Avoid logging in with Third Dawn, there will be enough lag as it is, not to mention that the decorations won't look right. Glacial staffs are dark blue in 3rd dawn :((((
  • The outer doors are locked and we have a doorman letting people in
  • To get in, you must line up
  • People with VIP tickets can walk past the line and get in free (only my closest friends)
  • Once the doorman lets you into the ticket booth, you must buy a ticket (costs only 100 gp)
  • No naked people will be let inside
  • Leave your animals at home!
  • No drunkards will be let inside, you must sober up before you are admitted
  • Trouble makers will be ejected and possibly banned

    Lining to get in, and buying tickets is just for fun and we aren't taking it very seriously, as not to urge trouble makers to make a big thing out of it. The people who line up to get a ticket will be having an advantage because not only is the ticket to get in, but it has many neat surprises inside, such as the program for the evening (know when the different highlights will happen) and serves as your raffle ticket to win wonderful prizes. Each ticket has several UNIQUE serial codes that I will personally check when the prize is claimed.

    Still want to gate your posse inside, cause trouble and ignore the rules? Sure, get ejected, get banned and miss out on the fun. Stand outside the castle while you watch people inside having fun, Hey! - thats your choice :) Just note that we aren't going to be spending too much time worrying about you, so why bother?

    The Dresscode

    The only rule is that no private parts can show. Don't come in your underwear people, this includes wearing only an apron so that your bum shows :)

    Otherwise you are pretty much free to dress how you like, but the funnest thing is of course to dress up real nice like you would to a classy nightclub. Look at this page for an example. You might also want to check the Britannian Fashion page for some good ideas.

    How can I listen to the music?

    So how on earth does it work? Oh it is easier than you can imagine, and there are no installations, no plugins - NO FUSS.

    First thing to do is BOOT YOUR MACHINE - so that your computers memory will be "clean" when you start. (if you have had many programs and processes going the music will most likely be chopped up) 1. Choose which playlist best suits your connection:

  • Big Mamas Nightclub Lo
         (for 56k users)
  • Big Mamas Nightclub Hi
         (For T1/cable/ADSL users)

    2. Click on the big Play button

    After pressing play, you might get have a window pop up, asking for a couple of simple configurations so the the stream will be the most efficient for your connection type. But it's very simple and straightforward. Before you know it, the music will start playing.

    It is normal that the connection to the stream may pause, or even disconnect at times, but it shouldn't happen very often. Just press PLAY to get it going again.

    There are a total of 39 songs and many differnent styles in music. Most of the songs should be listenable to most people so when you start hearing the playlist and don't like the current song playing, keep on listening. Something may come up that you like :)) Personally I love the playlist SO MUCH that I have been listening to it all week already and still am not tired of it :)
  • I warmly recommend installing the latest Winamp to listen to the stream. All week I had listened with RealPlayer and now that I have the newest Winamp WOW! The sound quality is WAY better! And less jumps too. So get it!

    If you experience problems - please post them on this thread! Or else email me about them. Thanks!

    Bachelor Auction

  • All single men were invited to sign up for our Bachelor Auction. The winning bidder will be entitled to do what she likes with her man, for the rest of the night. We are not taking any more submissions, sorry.

    Hey Bachelors! Have you all submitted your info yet? All of you who signed up correctly, in other words, emailed me, got a questionnaire. If you signed up by just saying so on the message boards, PLEASE email me and I'll send you the questions :)

    Bachelor Auction Participants




    Default greeting
    Describe your dream woman:
    The woman of my dreams is nice, funny, fun to hang around with, and of course, pretty. But that really doesn't matter!
    Trammel 60%
    Felucca 40%
    Trinsic Town Crier
    Describe your dream woman:
    Angelina Jolie *smiles*. Seriously though, someone who talks a lot, is assertive, and makes me laugh.
    Additional Info:
    Well, Ment is a warrior by trade, but he currently sits on the Trinsic Council of Honour and act's as the Trinsic Town Crier. He tends to spend a lot of his time in game organising quests and events along with his fellow Council members in and around Trin.
    Hamilton MaCoy
    No comment
    Describe your dream woman:
    No comment
    Additional Info:
    I train by going to the temple on fire island and ripping the arms of daemons, i'm a grandmaster in many s kills, including Macing, fencing, anatomy and o' cause: love making. So if your up fer it ladies, i'm all your's for one night only *winks*
    Max Power
    Describe your dream woman:
    Ready, Willing and able ! *grins mischievously*
    Describe your dream woman:
    Funny, kind and nuts :)
    Felucca 60%
    Trammel 40%
    Describe your dream woman:
    Kaz Sadique
    AOL Legends
    Both, Depending on char
    Describe your dream woman:
    Smart and Sexy
    Describe your dream woman:
    Caring & sensertive, some one i can talk to in UO and RL
    Additional Info:
    I am a roleplayer
    Feersum Endjinn
    Will go where help is needed
    Valiant Mage
    No comment
    Describe your dream woman:
    Like himself, Feersum is looking for a deep thinking, intelligent and interesting female. The mind is where it is at for this wonderful guy. Being able to type is another bonus ;-p
    Additional Info:
    [Superhero voice on/] Raised in the forests of Yew, the new Yew Order Overlord enlisted the art of magic at an early age to banish the evil that is chaos from these lands. Feersum humbly ambles along relaxed, without looking back, whistling along his aligned path of good. His mind untouchable from those around him, but his empathy is shown always when helping those in need………. [/off -Superhero voice]
    Warrior-Real estator-Trader
    Hi / Hail
    Describe your dream woman:
    My best friend, with whom I can laugh, discuss and cuddle...
    Trammal 50%
    Fel 50%
    Describe your dream woman:
    Funny makes me laugh And respects me for who I am.
    Mostly Felucca
    PvP Warrior
    Hi! Wasup?
    Describe your dream woman:
    "Its the inside that counts"
    Trammel/Fel 50/50
    Describe your dream woman:
    Hmmm, they would have to be caring, kind, understanding, and funny.
    Lone Wolf
    Ho there wanderer
    Describe your dream woman:
    Charming, Caring, somone I can snuggle up to when watching the latest film
    Describe your dream woman:
    My dream woman must be all things, she must be captivating, and coy, brazen and shy, outspoken and demure. She must be able to adapt to the situation, and be my partner in all things. She is not subservient, nor domineering, she is a friend, someone to walk beside me.
    Conscribiere of Custodes Fati (Guild Recruiter)
    Describe your dream woman:
    Tall, witty, deep as the ocean, with a sparkle in the eyes
    Additional Info:
    Role-playing resident of Spiritwood - often found in the famous tavern
    Genesis II
    GM Mage
    Hail and well met
    Describe your dream woman:
    Someone who likes to spend their evenings on moonlit walks, candle lit dinners or simply relaxing by a real log fire ( like the one in my house )
    Hail and well met
    Describe your dream woman:
    No comment

    Other Fun & Games

    Mr and Miss Disco Dancer
  • Dress up in your flashiest, sexiest gear, then come boogie on our dance floor. Wiggle that butt, jog those legs and show off your best moves. The best of the best will be crowned Mr and Miss Disco Dancer and will win wonderful prizes, not to mention reputation, fame and admiration!

    Match Maker Tickets

  • Look at the serial number on your entrance ticket and find your match! There will be someone of the opposite sex, with a matching serial number in their own ticket. All matched couples get a wonderful prize!

    Win a luxury cruise for two!!

  • From all the tickets sold, three tickets will include an all expenses paid cruise on our yacht "The Big Mama" at the time of your choice. The cruise will take you to several places of interest in Britannia and a (level 1) treasure hunt is included. During the cruise we will serve mouthwatering treats, made and served by the world famous cook, Julia Child herself!

    Lots of fun and romance in store, this is a happening that you simply can't miss!

    The Future of Big Mamas Nightclub

    The fun goes on of course! The nightclub will be locked up every day except Saturday nights. Every Saturday we will be open at the same time and will have a different music playlist with a different theme each week! (Dance, Punk, Rock, Oldies, Indie, GOth etc etc) Not only that, but we'll have a different DJ playing their choice of music each weekend! Imagine that! So no matter what shard you are from, you are welcome to visit the nightclub same place, same time, in the future as well :).

    Welcome! I hope you all have a wonderful evening!!