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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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 M A L E E N A

T I T L E :   The Respectable Maleena

S K I L L   T E M P L A T E:

  • 100.0 Magery - achieved
  • 100.0 Evaluate Intelligence - achieved
  • 100.0 Meditation - achieved
  • 100.0 Alchemy - achieved
  • 100.0 Inscription - still training (95 now)
  • 100.0 Resisting Spells - still training (47 now)
  • 50.0 Healing - still training (62 now)
  • 50.0 Wrestling - still training (35 now)

  • C R E A T I O N   &   T R A I N I N G
    The idea of making a mage didn't appeal to me for the longest time. I guess it was too bothersome trying to get reagents on a constant basis, only to watch them wasted on useless low level spells that fizzled most of the time anyhow. The making of Maleena started when I needed recall scrolls and wanted to make them myself. For each level of insciption, you need the same level of magery as well. So that gave me a reason to stick to it. Next came the need for gate scrolls, finally resurrection. Thus, a reason for training magery was born and as Maleena got better, being a mage became increasingly fun and useful. After Maleena made master mage, I haven't had any pressures to make her GM since she can already cast all spells in the spellbook just fine and make 8th level scrolls. So it will be a long time before she is GM I think. For mages in any stage, I recommend practising spells in areas that spawn both large amounts of reagents as well as monsters. For beginners, Moonglow is definitely the place since there are only mainly unaggressive animals roaming around. For the more experienced mage that can already through a few Corp Pors, the area east of Yew is quite nice. There are a couple of spawn "lines" that go vertically and spawn huge amounts of both regs and monsters. This is a good way to train because while you zap monsters, you can gather free reagents off the ground, and the loot on the monsters will usually make up for the price you payed for the reagents you had on you. I have never understood people who cast spells "for nothing" - just to raise skill. These people must be incredibly rich as well as bored. I'd rather learn magery through natural process of living a mages life.

    Maleena took on Alchemy at a very late time in her career, mainly because my characters don't use potions much, and yet customers of Big Mamas Shoppe were always asking about them. To my surprise, alchemy is EXTREMELY EASY!!! And pretty fun after all, just uses up lots of reagents, but otherwise a very pleasant and easy skill to train.