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 M U S I   M U S S U K K A

T I T L E :   The Scoundrel Musi Mussukka

T O P   7   S K I L L S:

  • Grandmaster in Lockpicking
  • Master in Stealing
  • Master in Hiding

    Musi was born into a family of farmers, and lived in a little country house on the island of Occlo. She was any parents dream daughter: a sweet, obedient, helpful child who looked like a little angel. She had honey colored tresses, which would swirl around her waist when she frolicked through the meadows picking herbs for her mother. Her name, Musi Mussukka was a fitting one, for it meant Honey Honeybunch and originated from her nordic anscestors.

    As Musi bloomed into a fair maiden, her mischievous side began to show itself, as with any girl that age. A natural stage of rebellion. Musi had all her life had such a good reputation so it was easy to use her charms on the shopkeepers and win their complete trust. Yet when they looked the other way, she would nick small valuables from the shop crates. Musi was sick of being a "good little girl", thus the devilish side in her grew stronger than with others her age and being a thief became a way of life for this crafty lady.

    At first Musi only stole from crates, boxes and chests, collecting rare valuables along the way. Twas such a shock for the locals that a once virtuous Musi had "turned sour", that they started thinking the worst of her. Constant harrassment began for the poor girl, attacking and calling names. Musi was sad when she walked through her home town, only to feel how people would avoid her, afraid she might steal something from them. Musi was not that bad! She had never stolen from anyone personally. But as time went on, she decided to become exactly what they most feared - a true thief - everyone thought that of her anyhow.

    Musi has moved to Moonglow to make a fresh start. She protects her personal image by using a disguise kit while stealing. She braids her golden hair to look younger, then powders it white. This town has been a grand place for Musi to train her thievery skills and she has even joined a thiefs guild. You will often see her trotting around the hedge maze, stalking victims, with little more than her white braids to cover herself with. Musi has an eye for Black Pearl, treasure maps, ship keys, recall scrolls and other valuables. So protect yourself well while walking the streets of Moonglow!

    M O R E   M E M O R I E S   F E A T U R E D   I N   T H E   S C R E E N S H O T S   S E C T I O N

    Musi's Thieving Basics
    Case Triumpf