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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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 V E N E N I F E R

T I T L E :   The Unsavoury Venenifer

S K I L L   T E M P L A T E:

  • 100.0 Cooking - still training (0 now)
  • 100.0 Poisoning - still training (54 now)
  • 100.0 Alchemy - still training (0 now)
  • 100.0 Hiding - still training (0 now)
  • 100.0 Stealth - still training (0 now)

  • P U R P O S E
    Creating a murderer character has been something that had always intrigued me, but a traditional PvP murderer was not my thing. I had to think of a different tactic. So how about a sweet innocent looking girl, who bakes the best pumpkin pies in all of Britannia and offers her treats to the unsuspecting. Only for them to notice that they are not feeling very well and are left with the vision of the girls soft grinning face as they gasp their last breaths upon the Britannian soil. Aye indeed. I think you get the picture.

    Venenifer is only beginning the long journey towards her dark and evil ways, thus she spends her days hidden within her home, studying the secrets of Alchemy and practising her poisoning on the rats that walk the corridors. So, people of Britannia, if ye encounter a innocent lass who seems eager to nourish your hunger, beware!