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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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In the fall of 2001, Saphireena and Lady Breigh got to know each other and eventually became great friends. While Saphi was having problems with griefers on Europa, Lady Breigh got together people of Europa to show their support for Saphi in her time of need. Awwwwwwww *wipes a tear*

As published on in 2001:

The spotlight is now on.. Saphireena

I can't think of anyone who deserves this spotlight more. So many people admire Saphireena for her decorations, her nightclub, wealth, portraits and characters but once you get to know her there is so much more to her than that. She truly is a one of a kind. As a person who's nature is to not trust people I don't know..I have never met anyone I felt so comfortable with immediately. Anytime (and believe me there were many) that I messaged Saphireena asking for advice about in game or out of game issues she has always been there 100%, even when she barely even knew me! I'm sure there were times she thought "Who the hell is this woman and why is she always msging me?!" *Grin*

She is so incredibly fair, so open minded and just totally refreshing to be around. If she thinks you're wrong she'll damn well tell ya! She can always appreciate a good joke, and you can always count on her for a laugh. I think what I like most is that she doesn't give a SHIT what anyone thinks of her, if she has an opinion or thought she will say it and if people don't like it, too bad!

She does so much for the people of Europa and sometimes gets far too little recognition and appreciation for it. Unfortunately in the UO world we live in it's the bad things that stand out, people are usually quicker to voice the bad than the good. I think everyone, no matter how strong they are, needs a little encouragement every now and then.

Saphireena, people like you are rare.. don't ever change.

- Love, Breigh

This is our chance to show one of our Gems of Europa just how appreciated they really are:

To the lady that brought Sergio to life. You have a very special talent that I feel lucky to have recieved a part of. Thank you for breathing life into many Europa characters.
- Lord Sergio Fairheart [NbN]

Thank you dearest Saphireena, you gave Lemo a face that will stay with him forever, your works of art are truly stunning and will always bring a smile to my face, Thank you!
- Lord Lemo [NbN]

What you are doing to the UO Forum community is great. Not only can people now meet and discuss issues. They can now actually see who they are talking to.
You are very gifted, and I wish you the best.
PS: Im Sure my Winder portrait will be the best
- Lord Winder [NbN]

I just need to say that she's a very nice lady..And her work on Big Mamas are great. I hade such a fun night when I was there and spent time with my new family =)...
I really hope she keep up the good work...
Thank you Saph
-Lady Archangel [NbN]

Saphireena, you're a great woman. you make alot of people happy with your talent of making these great portraits, and you make alot of people happy with your nightclub and the events in it. you put alot of effort in this things to make uo a bit more interesting and fun for other players and that makes you very special.
you really are a big mama. *smiles*
- Lady Ashes Ney [NbN]

For Saphireena!
I admire you as a person, You take so much time to make other ppl happy. I have not got Slaanesh face done yet but I will w8 like a good little boy=) I wish you all the best, you deserve it so much. Thanks again!!
-Lord Slaanesh [NbN]

Your work at the nightclubs brightened up many peoples Saturdays. I've enjoyed my trips there and hope it keeps running for a long time.
Your talent for drawing has brought so many characters to life, and I can't wait till my turn.
-Lord Carad [NbN]

Since you appeared from nowhere UO and the forums has been a better place, seldom have I met such a person who gives all and expects little in return, your enthusiasm and patience is an example to us all and I can give you no higher praise than to say that it is an honour to know you.
*bows in respect*

Though I personally didnt have the chance talk with her, get to know her. find out what kind of person she is, I respect and like her a lot. She puts so much effort in what she does and that's why she's on the top. She creates amazing things, have extremly awsome ideas that can only make you beg for more. I hope you never stop been creative Saph, and know that even 2 - 3 people try spoil what you do, the rest support you fully and always will.
-Demonized Angel

I remember when Salandra took me to see Big Mama's shop hmm, mabye as long as ago as eight months back. I took a deep breath and steped onto the steps. The world ended *Grins*. Twelve attempts later I finally managed to get back onto the front lawn...
Anyway. Due to those fabulous portraits I recently had chance to meet Saphireena in one guise or another in game and have a few chats via pigeon's. And her dedication to making UO a game I want to play is matched only by her kindness and pleasantness.
Keep at it and hopefully the prats that "play" this game wont get you down to much.

Saph, although I have known you somewhat short time in game, I know that you are one of the greatest people for upholding the community feeling in europa.
You are a kind, warm person and a very un-selfish one too. I wish all the best for you and Big Mama's.
I hope a few sad individuals wont ruin your fun in game. Try to forget them and think of all the good things and friends in uo. *smiles*
If there is something that I can do to help, just let me know. Anything.
Cant wait to meet you in RL this december. *smiles broadly*

Saphireena is a huge asset to the Europa shard and forum. Her organised events at Big Mamma's are 2nd to none, and reach even beyond Europa with visitors travelling from other shards to attend as well. She puts meticulous effort and quality into all things she does, which has been evidence by the exceptional portraits she has been doing for Europa Stratics boardies.
Upon visiting her many web sites I found that she is an extraordinarily talented artist in many forms including graphics, web design, and animation. To top this off, after looking at other aspects of her web sites, we find a lady that is interesting, open, honest, kind and deeply thoughtful.
Although this short text does not do her justice, it is a pleasure to make some small contribution to this dedication to her.

I want you to know what a great inspiration you have been to me and many others.
It is amazing how talented you are and in how many ways you gift us all with it.
Please remember that for every person who tries to put you down there are 10 who admires you and enjoys the huge work you do for us.
-Valfreyja of the Ancient Oak

I think adorable and totally lovely, i have even had the pleasure of speaking to her privately once a bit and she is as great as her characters. I respect her totally for who she is and i respect her values. Sounds soppy - but its true i tell ya
* smiles * What can i say - I am always here for you Saph if you need any help.
-Feersum Endjinn

Just a little message to the 'Stringfellow' of the Europa shard....Bigmamas used to be good...i visited once and it was the best place i have ever seen.....NOW, though....some how...... it has gotten better!!!
Keep up the excellent work (which i will be able to listen to once i get ADSL...*grins*) and look out for Garr with his note pad, pen and bottomless appetite for *coughs* free *coughs* beer....*grins*....i have this feeling that Bigmamas is next on his list after he finalises his Sinmoor report...