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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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During December of 2001, several interviews of famous Europans were published on the UOSS Stratics site, as well as on the Europa message board. Saphireena was one of the people asked for a interview. Here it is, as published on the Europa board in 2001, including some of the responses:

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Orangebeard  Moderator
UO Moderator / Reporter)
12/23/01 07:01 PM
Famous Europans: An interview with Saphireena

And in the final Famous Europan interviews (for the holidays anyway). I interview the one and only Big Mama, Saphireena has been an innovator and constant presence throughout Europa, loved by many, this is her interview.

Apart from Saphireena what other characters do you have and regularly play?

Although many assume that Saphireena is my main character, she is not - just the most famous one *grins*. I mainly play with my charming gentleman woman tamer... *cough* I mean ANIMAL tamer, Lord Voi Mussi Mussi, mainly due to how well his skills fulfill my need to play solo, not to mention how challenging it is to play the opposite sex. Oooh I cannot even count the ladies that have lost their heart to Voi's charms! (Maybe me being a IRL woman has something to do with how popular Voi is, seeing as I would know exactly what women want in a man)

Where did the name for your character come from?

"Saphireena" - hmmm well I have always thought the word "Sapphire" sounds soft and feminine and since Saphi was going to be a rugged mule character doing hard and dirty "manly" work like mining, smithing and chopping wood - I thought she needed a pretty name to balance her out. Many of my female characters have their names end with "ina" or "ena" to enhance the feminine ring to them, as was the case in "Saphireena" as well. The name was actually quite fitting for a GM miner/smith, seeing as sapphires share the same blue color with valorite, which is associated with the highest craftsmanship in those skills.

What would be your typical UO day?

There really never is a typical day since what I do depends largely on what is going on in Britannia at the moment, as well as any personal goals I might have under way. At the time of this interview I am caught up in the bulk order deeds and Saphireena finally acquired her Lady title which I felt she deserved long ago already.

How long have you been playing Ultima Online? And have you been on Europa all this time?

Being an old fan of the Ultima games, I was extremely tempted to join in when UO started, but knowing how addicted I would become, I fought off the urge till I could withstand no more! In the fall of ' 99 my 2 good friends Lina and Karenina started playing and literally forced me to join them! *shakes fist in the air* And the addiction? Oh I dare not say what happened with that!

And have you been on Europa all this time?

Aye I started on Europa and it has been my main shard over the years, but I have IDOC hunters on most American shards all named Musi Mussukka, as well as an anonymous character on Siege Perilous.

What would you say your main play style is and have you tried other styles? (Role play, PvP, Crafting etc)

Well this has evolved over the years. Having no RP experience what so ever prior to starting UO, I started UO as a _game_, as I would have any of the other Ultima games. But gradually, as the "game" started to be played through and skills, items, money and other game elements lost their meaning, I started to discover the delights of role playing. Immersing yourself into a character, the strength of the feelings felt and the imagination involved have me totally hooked. I'm still learning the art of roleplaying, but that is definitely the direction I am headed. Today I can honestly say I would be just as happy playing UO with a penniless newbie character, because the riches are now all within my mind.

What is your favorite memory of your time on Europa?

Ooooh a hard one, there are so very many... But my highlights have been when something I have created has had a positive affect on other peoples lives. For instance when newbie characters living at the apartmentos, have found support, comfort and friendship from each other because I brought them together. Or when people have found romance and happiness at the nightclub. Etc.

And your worst memory?

Worst memories involve witnessing the cruelty and brainlessness of some people. Moments when one loses faith in humanity.

What is your proudest achievement in UO?

Anytime that one of my little projects has succeeded in it's aim, I have felt proud. I guess the biggest achievement has been the nightclub in it's short lived "golden times".

Who do you respect or look up to on Europa the most?

Aarrghh I hate questions like this! But the first name that pops into mind at this moment would be Lady Breigh. There are _so_ many good things she has done, so many good thoughts she has had that people do not know about, simply because she is not one to brag about them. She has a heart of gold, and yet has the courage to stand up for herself, her opinions and her friends when the situation calls for it. If only everyone knew what a sweetie she is, as her closest friends in fact do :)

If you could change one thing in UO, what would it be?

This is easy to answer - I'd implement an efficient way to deal with griefers and harassers. This is a game that should provide relaxation and escape from the harsh outer world, not just more grief and sorrow. I think we have enough of that IRL.

Big Mamas Establishments
Thank you Saphireena, and good luck in the future

Orangebeard: Europa, Europa Trade, Merchant Moderator and Europa News Reporter

Lord Kastro  (Adventurer)
12/23/01 09:12 PM
Re: Famous Europans: An interview with Saphireena

Ahh there it is. I was waiting for Saphireena's interview, hehe.
Very famous throughout Britannia, and I really enjoyed her nightclub.
Very nice interview.

feersumx  (Certifiable)
12/24/01 02:37 AM
Re: Famous Europans: An interview with Saphireena [re: Orangebeard]

Ahhh good ol' Saph eh!

We want more interviews * slams cutlery on table *

Kas Valentine  (Stratics Legend)
12/24/01 04:21 AM
Re: Famous Europans: An interview with Saphireena [re: feersumx]

A've always wondered what the genius behind the name was, and now I know! Cheers Orange, and Saph of course. *smiles* Not that the rest of the interview wasn't good as well mind yer! Was all lovely. *beams*

Kas Valentine.

Lemo  (Seasoned Veteran)
12/24/01 07:10 AM
Re: Famous Europans: An interview with Saphireena [re: Orangebeard]

awwww Breigh is gonna be speechless when she hears that bit about her

another great interview OB, there great to read =)

Frobard  (Adventurer)
12/24/01 10:43 AM
Re: Famous Europans: An interview with Saphireena [re: Orangebeard]

At last you all get to know this faboulous lady! After meeting this enthusiatic lass my life in Britannia has just got better and better! A big hug and a Hyvää Joulua to you Saph, a great lass and a good friend!
*hugs his BMA landlady*

Magenta  (Journeyman)
12/24/01 11:50 AM
Re: Famous Europans: An interview with Saphireena [re: Orangebeard]

Nice interview, nice lady, and the one who was responsible for getting me and my UO husband together. Hyvaa Joulua to you Saph! (just imagine the umlauts are in place)
Roxy Beaujolais (Mrs Hane)

Ashes Ney  (Lore Keeper)
12/25/01 04:16 AM
Re: Famous Europans: An interview with Saphireena [re: Orangebeard]

and another nice interview. always a pleasure to read your stories saph.
take care

Bladron  (Certifiable)
12/27/01 01:41 AM
Re: Famous Europans: An interview with Saphireena [re: dazzle]

*taps his fingers* why cant some fool on oceania do this.... :(
i like these interviews, more more more!

Lady Breigh  (Lore Keeper)
12/27/01 08:13 AM
Re: Famous Europans: An interview with Saphireena [re: dazzle]

*Hugs Saph* I am now at an internet cafe in Dublin, waiting for the rain to slow so we can continue with our shopping. Saph you rock *smiles*

IRISH PEOPLE ARE SO COOL.. I'm never going back! :P hehe

Hope you all had a great x-mas! *Runs off*

Zenith (TWD)  (Seasoned Veteran)
12/27/01 08:19 AM
Re: Famous Europans: An interview with Saphireena [re: Orangebeard]

Another great interview, well done both!