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s devout as I am in preferring the Classic 2D Client over anything else if I play UO, that has never stopped me from being curious about a true 3D client with a first person perspective. I've always wondered what Ultima Online would have looked like as a 3D world. So since UO and Wurm Online were so similar aesthetically, I thought it would be the perfect place to try and recreate UO as a 3d world and I set up my own server called "Ultima Nostalgia" in the sandbox game called Wurm Unlimited. Below, is video documentation as each new section is built. I started in April of 2017 and I estimate that this will be ready by the end of 2018 or early 2019. Once the server is ready enough, it will be opened to the public who can come and explore, catch and ride horses, hunt mobs and sail the ships to the various places. Players will not be able to build houses or craft however. Think of it as an "UO Amusement Park".

Last updated February 2018

In the first episode, we fly over the freshly generated server, still untouched by any terraforming or building, except for the beginnings of Britain. While we fly, I explain the purpose of the server and how it was created.
In the second episode, we dive in to take a closer look at Britain and see what has already been built, then finish off the castle together.
In the third episode, we go south west as we start to build the Hedge Maze, the houses in the middle and the secret basement.
In the fourth episode, we head north east to build Vesper, made up of many little islands and the bridges that connect them.
In the fifth episode, we go back in time to when I played UO and all of the houses I had and what I did with them in the form of player events. We then look at just how easily one could recreate the classic UO houses in Wurm.
In the sixth episode, we sail south east towards Occlo, and in addition to recreating the town, we also plant every bit of grass and trees in the same spots as in UO.
In the seventh episode, we return to the mainland, to build the secret hidden valley inside the mountains near Trinsic.
In the eighth episode, we take only a few steps east, to build the gorgeous sandstone city of Trinsic and it's many canals and walls.
In the ninth episode, we sail north east to the icy Dagger Isle and try to figure out how to make Dungeon Deceit inside the mountain.
In the tenth episode, we warm our chilly bones in the hot desert island of Nujel'm and showcase the many mods that allow us to create NPCs, decorate tables and create fake mobs.