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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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 S A P H I R E E N A

T I T L E :   The Illustrious Saphireena

S K I L L   T E M P L A T E:

  • 100.0 Carpentry - achieved
  • 100.0 Blacksmithy - achieved
  • 100.0 Mining - achieved
  • 100.0 Tinkering - achieved
  • 100.0 Tailoring - achieved
  • 80.0 Lumberjacking - achieved
  • 75.0 Magery - achieved
  • 45.0 Musicianship - achieved

  • C R E A T I O N   &   T R A I N I N G
    Remember what it was like when you had your first warrior? Remember how bothersome it was to wear out armour and weapons constantly, not to mention losing them after dyeing. Thats when you thought to yourself. Hey! I'll just make my OWN armour and weapons - easy! Then you created your first mule character who was born with tongs and a pickaxe in their backpack. You were all set to go and make yourself a great set of armour and some nasty weapons. You get to the local smith and wonder... what now? Aaah I need some metal ingots... You check the vendor and she is selling ingots for 10 gp each. You buy as many as you can afford and start hammering away on an anvil. Everything you try to make is ruined and there went all your money. No money, no ingots and most of all no armour. But you are not one to be pulled down easily, so you trot on over to the nearest mountain and go at it with your pickaxe. You mine and mine, nothing happens. Just as you finally do get your first pile of raw metal your pickaxe breaks. Aaarrgh! Once you finally get some metal ore dragged all the way to a forge, you end up ruining burning it all away. It's tough - man it's tough.

    To make armour, you soon learn that you need metal, a lot of it. And to mine metal you need lots of pickaxes. And to make pickaxes you need to train tinkering as well. Thus, you end up juggling 3 very boring (at least for a newbie) skills at the same time. Mining - Blacksmithy - Tinkering. All 3 are dependant on one another, in order to tinker pickaxes you need metal, in order to get metal you need pickaxes. Lots and lots of lonely work with little reward at this stage. So I just gave up.

    I ended up leaving Saphireena alone for about half a year before I logged on with her again only to eventually turn her into my main and most important, not to mention famous character! Heheh I never would have believed it back when I created her :-). In fact when choosing her name I had been very carefree about it and just picked Saphireena. It has turned out to be a very suitable name though in the end :-).

    T R A I N I N G    C A R P E N T R Y
    What sparked Saphireena's interest in carpentry, was the realisation that she needed furniture to furnish her freshly built first home. I would suspect that this is what inspires many to become carpenters. Since Saphi is a do-it-herself girl, training carpentry, instead of buying furniture, was a natural choice.

    She started out making chairs and tables, then moved onto larger challenges like armoires. In the 90's she started making gnarled staffs and continued making them all the way to GM.

    M E M O R I E S

    Saphireena GM's mining with agapite ore in a passage in the Lost Lands. Note that she is hiding. At this time only Felucca existed thus she had to be scared of PK's constantly, so hiding came in handy.

    Still at the old Big Mamas Shoppe, Saphireena GMs smithing making katanas.

    Making GM Tinker would be actually quite easy if it weren't for all those ingots that need to be mined and smelted. During the late nineties it took 1000 ingots to make 1.0 in skill.