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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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 K A T S I E N N A

T I T L E :   The Honourable Katsienna

T O P   7   S K I L L S:

  • Grandmaster in Swordsmanship
  • Grandmaster in Tactics
  • Master in Parry
  • Master in Anatomy
  • Expert in Healing
  • Journeyman in Magery
  • Journeyman in Hiding

  • C R E A T I O N   &   T R A I N I N G
    I had just bought Ultima Online and had finally set up my first account. It was now time to create my first character and during the stage that you try to frantically think up a good name, "Katsienna" was what popped into my head, descending from my many year old IRC nickname KatsPurr. The skills I chose were pretty funny when you consider what Kats grew up to be. Not having the slightest idea what skills to choose, I took Camping, Cooking and Tracking. Just because they sounded like fun! :-)) I soon noticed as I got into the game that there was only so much of a challenge with these skills and soon moved onto others like tailoring and animal taming. Tailoring was way too tedious for a newbie who can't even make a "Last Object, Last Target" macro and had not yet found out about sheep paradise, Delucia. I got bored quick. Animal taming was really fun at first, but for a newbie gets their fill of taming dogs and cats real fast. At that point you have no idea what taming is really about, so you end up abandoning it which is a shame really since taming has proven to be one of the most fun parts of this game.

    After finally venturing out of town, into the wilderness, Kats soon noticed that in order to stay alive, she needed a good weapon, shield and armour to protect her delicate skin. Killing monsters ended up being the most fruitful skill for a newbie because there is no waiting, instant action, gratification and lots of money. So being a warrior was like discovering heaven after all those boring skills Kats had been through. Her skills seemed to rise all by themselves without much effort, but when Kats neared GM a handful of harpies and stone harpies did the trick. She finally made GM warrior on a great big Cyclopean Warrior.

    M E M O R I E S

    Katsienna and her best buddy Lina in the deserts of the Lost Lands. Lina had already made GM warrior and now it was time for Katsienna to do so as well. So the girls hunted Cyclpoean Warriors and Titans until Katsienna finally did it! Here Katsienna is slashing the last hits into the beast as Lina heals her from afar, and she gets that sweet message in the left lower corner. She is so excited that all she can say is "gdgdf".

    This was the very first Grand Master I made, as I am sure it is for many others as well.

    Saphireena was trying to mine north of Britain with her mining friends when this notorious murderer Cherie came and murdered them all over and over. I decided to call for help from a great warrior and friend, Terolon Darkpath. I logged on with Katsienna and we hid in the mines waiting for Cherie to arrive once again. Sure enough she arrived and we leaped out from the darkness and crushed her together. In this picture, her corpse is laying on the ground as we all laugh and rejoice. One of the miners is thanking Terolon. We got about 15K for her head if I remember right :-).

    One large part of Katsiennas life has been her ongoing romance with the famous Britannian playboy, Willy Tough. Here, one of the many surprise dinners Willy arranged in the middle of a great big heart constructed of flaming torches.

    On Valentines day of 1999, Willy gave Katsienna a special gift. A beautiful protrait that had been made of them by the famous Britannian artist, Kaine the Grey. (Click picture to open larger version)

    M O R E   M E M O R I E S   F E A T U R E D   I N   T H E   S C R E E N S H O T S   S E C T I O N

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