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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories

Katsienna and Lina's adventure at sea

Click here to learn more about Katsienna ina and I decided to go adventuring together and so I suggested that we take my strusty vessel "The Valiant Mermaid" and let her take us where she will. Lina joyously agreed to my suggestion, so I sailed off from Trinsic to Britain to fetch her. (1. - 2.)

When I arrived at the docks of Britain, looking for a place to park me ship, I encountered a spot on which some poor souls ship had recently sunk, since there was a empty area amongst the very crowded docks and floating on the water lots of treasure! Eagerly did I gather up the rubies... potions... magical items...

Our route Then I went looking for Lina and we found each other shortly. Lina boarded the Mermaid and we sailed off to Nujel'm. (3.) Tis a beautiful yet desolate place, overpopulated by NPC locals and birds yet hardly a PC soul in sight. I had wondered why this was the first time I visited, yet came to realise that perhaps this was a good thing, since when we stopped for some lunch at the bank square - we were thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet of this lovely island. No young ruffians galooting about. Since we are both vegetarians, tomato soup, salad, some cider and a pie for dessert was a grand enough feast for us. We actually became a bit tipsy and I had to walk along the rugged edge of the tiles to see if I could even walk straight which I couldn't.

We spent quite a while there, sitting in the sun, amongst the blooming flowers and Tunisian type setting conversing about how men and women differ in this type of environment. All men seem to care about is getting from place to place quick - efficiently - killing the bad guys - getting the loot - exiting. Men want to be IN CONTROL of the situation. Men want their skill points as quickly as possible and as easily as possible via macroing. Oh women also love to hunt down the baddies and get the loot, but we demand so much more from the game, the adventure, the mental high of not knowing what will happen next, who you'll meet today. We love all the lovely stuff in between the killing and looting. Us women also like to have nice skill points, but we want to earn them, through sweat and tears in game playing. I mean how can one really respect any GM who made it there just by macroing? I sure can't.

Nujel'm Garden

We stop by the Nujel'm garden as well and are blown away by the colours.

When our bellies were full, our gear was all fixed up and our reagent pouches restocked, we set sail. I suggested we go looking for the famous Waterfall which was rumoured to be east of Yew. I had been there once, but it had been via Recall, so I really had no idea where it might be. Just leaving Nujel'm, we encountered a friendly dolphin which came right up beside the boat to play and show us his best tricks, this had never happened to me before on my earlier journies, so we were both in awe and delighted. As we sailed and actually at many later points in the journey, we met evil Water Elementals and took turns fighting them while the other healed the fighter.

Our next destination was to get to the north pole via the river running past Vesper and Minoc (4.) but we soon noticed that this river was a dead end and had to head back south east (5.).

We then took the longer route and sailed along the northen shores of Britannia, stopping once in a while to kill Water Elementals, Gargoyles, Ettins and Gazers. It was here (6.) that we discovered that the world was not flat after all, since just above the northern shores were the southern shores!

I vigorously studied my map and noticed a little pool along the shores of a large bay. We sailed to this spot (8.)and I recognised the meadows abundant with scores of lovely flowers, we had arrived! We had found the waterfall! We got off the ship and carefully approached the waterfall, this was PK country so one had to be very cautious.

The marvelous waterfall!

Lina: :)
Katsienna: It's beautiful
Lina: it sure is =)
Lina: heh

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