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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories

The M'kabi tribe feast

Click here to learn more about Katsienna ina and I read about an interesting party happening on the Great Lakes shard, the Feast of the M'kabi tribe, which lives south of Skara Brae. Although it started at 4:00 AM our time (Finland) - we felt a strong urge to go see this special event, so we put our alarm clocks to ring in the middle of the night.

Along the way, we encountered some lovely fields abundant with watermalons, squash and pumpkins. Unfortunately they could not be picked. :-(

Pumpkins all over the place

Lina:"These are cute :)"
Katsienna:"They're all cute!"
Lina:"Too bad they can't be picked"

Dancing the night away at the M'kabi tribe

We soon found the tribe and people were having fun, we joined in, and after about 10 fish steaks, 5 pumpkins and 20 ciders we were dancing around the fire. (I wonder how they got those pumpkins!)

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