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Screenshots and Stories

Kats & Lina build their own homes

Click here to learn more about Katsienna ina and I had many a time considered buying a house together, but empty lots seemed to be extremely scarce and we weren't too willing to buy a used house in case of thieves. But both of our bank deposit boxes were becoming overfilled and something needed to be done. We were getting to the point that "anything would do".

One day as Katsienna killed one of the many trolls she has slain, amongst the loot was a treasure map for the island of Occlo. Katsienna took her lockpicks and best shovel, and went searching for the treasure. When she arrived on the island, and walked through the forests, she was pleasantly suprised by the relaxing forest sounds and peaceful aura of the place. No PK's, no teenage newbies, just a few cows roaming about. What was even better was the spacefulness, it looked like there may be even room to place some houses!

After Katsienna had retrieved her treasure, she made a rune to the spaciest part and then went about telling Lina about Occlo. Lina sounded quite excited and the two recalled to the island to check it out. Lina took a liking to Occlo immediately just as Kats had and the girls decided to go buy a house deed. Katsienna had already travelled through all of the cities looking for the best bargain, and Vesper seemed to be the cheapest, although many claim it to be Minoc.

Buying the deed in Vesper.

After the deed had been bought, the girls recalled back to Occlo and went about trying to place a small plaster and wood house. But it wasn't going to happen right away, in fact it took about an hour before the first house had been placed and another for the second house.

Lina and Katsienna ecstatic about finally succeeding in placing the first house, which eventually became Katsienna's home.

The girls were so happy to get their own homes, especially since the place was so lovely and peaceful, and the sea was right there, so ships could be parked close to home. Occlo was a nice place also because it had it's own bank and magery guild which sold magical items. Also lots of sheep roaming around, as well as the occasional troll spawn.

Over the next days Lina and Katsienna furnished their new homes happily. What a relief it was to get all of that stuff organised and to have ones own private space in UO which no other could tread.

L I N A ' S    P L A C E

Katsienna visits Lina's place after it is furnished and writes in the guestbook.

K A T S I E N N A ' S    P L A C E

Katsienna having a break after finishing furnishing her home.

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