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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories

Life as a ghost

uropa was down once again and so off I zapped to the Great Lakes shard. I was bored out of my mind and wanted to try something new, so I thought I'd experience life as a ghost for a while. I created a newbie dummy character called Erkki-Petteri (finns will understand the humour in this name) and set about getting him killed as soon as possible. Now let's see... what happens if I snoop the hell out of everyone? Naaa nothing, how about I try stealing in town? Hmmm not technically possible till you belong to a thieves guild from what I hear. Ok I know what will work! How about I strut over to that really important pompous looking guy and punch him right in the face? *BOOOOM!!!!* And you know the rest ;-).

Now that I was nice and dead I could:

- Run and run and run, yet never become fatigued
- Walk amongst the fiercest of the PK's yet not have to worry about becoming crushed like a fly, at the same time spy on what they were doing and planning
- Go house snooping and walk right into tightly locked houses and towers and see what they contained (this would be an excellent preparation for a thief character!)
- Take a tour of all Britannia's worst dungeons, thus knowing what to expect when my proper character goes
- Spy on other people to see how they handle different situations, thus learning alot!

Last night I did all of this and it was very rewarding! One thing that surprised me was how carelessly some people left their stuff lying about in their homes. One lady's house had piles of money - yes money :-o on the tables, and the numbers were in the tens of thousands! Hmmmm perhaps I should consider making a thief char ;-)

One thing I had always wanted to do is go see the famous Terathan Keep. I had heard rumours of silver weapons just lying about on the floors of the keep, and this was something I had to see for myself. So off I ran, straight into the keep and was suprised to see so many people there. There were more people than terathans! And no, didn't see one single weapon on the ground, unless everyone else had already gathered them up. I walked through every passage, every cave, to see what they were like, and the deeper I went the more I realised that this isn't a place you come alone to. (I'm quite a hermit and enjoy adventuring by myself most of the time).

The emotional rush of being in this situation, without a care in the world, just had to be captured:

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