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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories

Shillard tames a Sea Serpent?!

ell actually, I didn't tame a Sea Serpent, they just happen to be lovable playful docile creatures. I know that now you think I am

c r a z y

but it's true! The thing is, that there are different breeds of Serpents, the ones that roam the seas and will gobble you up on sight, and their gentler cousins, which are awakened from the depths of the sea with a fishing pole.

My fisherman Shillard noticed this by accident when he fished one up, and as usual said "Tillerman forward, FAST FORWARD!!!". After sailing a few screens away, he wanted to return to the lovely spot he had found and decided to go back and lure the beast away somehow. But on returning, the Sea Serpent payed no attention to him! Baffled, Shillard did everything he could to get it's attention, even sailed right up to it so that the beasts mighty head was on the deck, but the serpent was much too busy playing in the water chasing his tail like a dog. Shillard gazed in wonderment at this magnificant site: A Sea Serpent, gentle as lamb, playing like a kitten in the water! After a while the serpent swam off, and eventually dissappeared into thin air. Shillard tried this out with all of the fished up serpents after that and it was the same thing everytime.

Shillard chumming it up with a Sea Serpent

Shillard and a Sea Serpent chum things up.

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