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Screenshots and Stories

Willy Tough takes Katsienna's virginity

Katsienna and Willy Tough ell, not quite, you see... if every new significant experience in Ultima Online could be compared to losing ones virginity, Katsienna lost her Wind virginity with Willy Tough, who had the pleasure of sharing this grand moment with her.

Let me tell you a little bit about Wind. It is a secret place, hid deep in the mountains and guarded by Liches and Daemons. Being a fierce warrior is not all you need to get in... you must be a adept mage, meaning you must have 72.0 magery or over to be able to enter the gate into Wind.

Wind is rumoured to be "A paradise for mages", with numerous mage shops, magical signs engraved on clean marble floors, sparkling white buildings and fountains of crystal clear water. It has also been suggested that once Necromancy arrives in the lands of Britannia, Wind will have a significant part. After hearing all of these wonderful things, it became Katsienna's dream to accomplish 72 in magery and see this wonderous place with her own eyes. Willy Tough knew this and promised to take her once she magically "came of age".

Finally that day came... after months and months of magery practise and hoardes of reagents. Katsienna had graduated into becoming a fine mage, worthy of entering Wind! Here lies the story of what happened:

Katsienna and Willy Tough, side by side, about to enter the gate to Wind.

Katsienna is extremely excited since after previously trying to gain access numerous times only to be rejected, she is finally accepted in for the very first time. Willy runs ahead a bit to make sure the path is clear for his lovely friend.

Kats and Willy enter the magical city of Wind and decide to leave their mark. Katsienna writes a short message telling the world that they were there.

Admiring one of the many lovely marble statues. The couple soon notice that there are numerous artistic things in Wind that remind them of the art of love. Or is it just their dirty minds playing tricks on them?

Katsienna reads the rules

Once again Katsienna's and Willy's minds wander off track and into *cough* matters of the intimate nature. Are these two rabbits or mages?

Just as they are about to leave, Katsienna notices a strange patch of land in her radar. "Whats that!" she asks, "Perhaps it's the sandy beach I hear of?". Willy acts nervous and mumbles somthing about horrendous monsters and giant red devils.

But Katsienna is a curious lady and MUST see this place! So grudgingly Willy agrees to go and inspect this oasis in the middle of the mountains. When they arrive they give out a sign of relief.... aaaah only a few chickens, cows, sheep, hinds, cats, dogs, birds... well not a few, but actually what seems like millions of them. Oh yes there were a couple of monsters as well, but they were quickly defeated.

After the adventure, Willy invites Katsienna over for a couple of ales to finish off a lovely evening, but they end up forgetting all about the ale. As you can see, they are - yes - beside Willy's famous waterbed and Katsienna is looking to make sure the door is locked. You see Willy's home is actually a museum of rare objects as well so there is a constant flow of visitors.

What happened next shall be left to your imagination.

(Technical note: See how the top part of Kat's body is facing south, and the lower part east? While the screenshot was being taken, the games graphical refresh had only gotten half way and we end up with this visual trick :-))

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