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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories

A romantic candle lit dinner, the Britannian way

Click here to learn more about Katsienna ne evening Willy asked Katsienna if she had plans for midnight of the next day. Since Katsienna didn't, Willy told her to reserve a couple of hours from midnight on, and to dress up in her classiest evening gown. She was also instructed to leave all weapons behind, and to leave her trusty steed Hummani Hei at home. He would have a surprise in store for her and refused to say anything else about the subject. Curiousity was practically killing the Kat in this case.

The next day, Kats bought some black velvet and pink satin fabric from the local Tailor shop and gave them to her sister Saphireena who created a wonderfully elegant gown from the velvet and a shimmering long cape from the satin. Katsienna tried the garments on and Saphireena gasped as she admired her beautiful sister. Willy's eyes would surely drop when he saw Kats that night!

Willy instructed Katsienna to wait for a mysterious blue moongate in front of Big Mama's Shoppe, and to step into it once it appeared. While waiting for the gate, Katsienna sat down on a log to calm her nerves. What on _earth_ did Willy have planned??!

All of a sudden a glowing blue gate appeared in front of the steps and Katsienna nervously stepped inside...

...and arrived straight into a chair sitting down!!! And what a sight layed before her! A gorgeous table set for dinner, complete with a candlabra and wine bottle. And across the table sat Willy Tough dressed to kill, looking very handsome and classy indeed. Katsienna was speechless as Willy went about serving the appetizer and introducing the wine bottle he had to see if it was up to Katsienna's standards.

The setting Willy had chosen for this romantic dinner was breathtaking. They were on a strange thin penisula *cough* sorry, PENINsula and there was not a soul in sight, no houses, no ships, not even any NPCs. What really impressed Katsienna were the 8 white pillars... perhaps they represented the eight virtues? In the middle was a thick growth of white mushrooms upon which Willy had set up the chairs and table. It was truly a beautiful sight!

Willy treated Katsienna like a true queen, serving her several different courses and always getting up to fill her goblet with more wine (hmmm it is rumoured that drunk women are wild in bed?). Willy said he had acquired these delicacies from the royal cook himself! First came a crispy salad, then some tender bird, then the main course, a leg of succulant lamb. For dessert Willy served grapes and when Katsienna said "Oh dessert!!!", Willy got a very crafty expression on his face, then said "Oh I have something quite different planned for dessert!", then winked his eye. What was Willy up to?

The hours seemed to fly by as the couple enjoyed many delicious treats and interesting conversations. Finally the sun sank behind the horizon and Willy lit the torches he had carefully placed adjacent the pillars earlier on. The atmosphere warmed up even more. The reflection of the flames flickered in their eyes as they gazed at each other, arousing those familiar feelings once again.

Willy said he had one more surprise in store and led Katsienna into the darkness of the jungle...

They soon arrived at a little spot lit by candles, the centerpiece being Willy's portable waterbed!!! Willy handed Katsienna a small pouch containing a maid outfit and a club. You will have to guess the rest I'm afraid :-) Let's just say that after the night was over, Katsienna had been swept off her feet both mentally as well as physically ;-).

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