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Screenshots and Stories

Willy's St. Valentines surprise

Click here to learn more about Katsienna his was my first Valentines Day experience in a virtual game, and there could not have been a better place to experience it than UO. There are numerous ways of expressing ones affection in this environment, be it a virtual kiss on the cheek, a pixel rose, or saving your honey from the deathly breath of a dragon. The best part though, is being spontanious and creative in expressing yourself, also in the game of "love".

Here before you: how to express your affection the Willy Tough © way. A grand example of how to melt your women, hot tips guaranteed for all of you wanna-be-lover-boys out there.

Willy had made a date on Valentines day with Katsienna, and had instructed her to wear something summery. Once again he had a surprise in store and here you can see him arranging it and feeling a bit nervous.

Once everything was set, Willy sent a magical gate for Katsienna to walk into.

Katsienna steps through the glowing blue gate and arrives PLONK! into a beautiful place of flowers. The colors dazzle her eyes, and the fragrance overwhelms her. In the middle of it all, a scrumptous picnic blanket overflowing with fresh fruit, berries, pink champagne and most importantly: Willy Tough - her adorable lover!!

(Make note that Willy brought his pink champagne bottle and pink champagne flutes which are very rare and worth thousands. He was aware of the risk of a ruffian turning up to spoil it all and steal his valuables, yet he wanted to take the risk - just to impress his woman - isn't that sweet?)

Although it would seem that Willy just seems to know all the tricks of charming a lady, if you knew him you'd realise that all of these delightful gestures are actually quite spontanious and genuine.

Katsienna brought a gift as well, and handed Willy a pouch containing 2 wine goblets, a bottle of wine, 4 oysters (remember that oysters are claimed to be aphrodisiacs?), a silver oyster knife and a "whispering rose from Katsienna".

Eating can be a very erotic experience, especially if crunchy bananas are involved. At one point Katsienna "accidentally" dropped an oyster down her female plate armour and needed Willy's help to fish it out. After huffing and puffing, and struggling and wriggling, Willy finally had to put his feet against Katsienna's shoulders to get the wretched beast out. And out it came PLOP! but alas! out went Katsienna as well, COLD out, as she was hurled backwards and hit her head on a rock. Thankfully Willy had his CPR guide with hime and brought Katsienna back to the living.

As with all stories, we need a happy ending, and when the story is about these two bunnies, you will surely guess what it will involve. Voila - here you have it: sex the slime way!


Nay, the story is not over yet! Willy surprised Katsienna later by inviting her over to show his main valentines gift of love, and handed her a plump pouch. Katsienna carefully opened it up to find a great big heart made of golden coins!! "Open the second pouch!" Willy urged on eagerly. And as she opened the secomd pouch, the smell of fresh oil paint and varnish arose. It was a painting! Of her!

Willy reveals that the surprises are not over yet! And urges Katsienna to check her ICQ.

Click picture to open up larger version (198 kb)

Katsienna eventually receives a mysterious file called "Surprise!" and finds this astounding portrait made by the famous and renouned UO artist Kaine the Grey. Katsienna recognises the characters immediately - why it's Katsienna herself and Willy Tough, side by side! And check out that babe body! Obviously the artist had fixed a few "flaws" as artists often do :-).

Katsienna expresses her pure and utter delight to a happy Willy Tough.

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