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Screenshots and Stories

Friendship lives at the lighthouse

Click here to learn more about Katsienna atsienna had had a long sweaty day, training her parrying and anatomy at the deserts north of Papua. Many a stone harpy and gargoyle had been slayed and much skill learned. Ater she killed off the last of the monsters, she wearily walked up to the nearby lighthouse to take a well deserved rest with her trusty steed Hummani Hei.

The day was coming to it's end as Kats breathed in the aroma of the sea winds and watched the dolphins play amongst the briny waves. She felt a deep longing for her dear friend Lina. Here the girls had spent joyful moments, planning grand parties for their friends. Alas, before there was ever time to hold those parties, Lina had had to take a long trip to the far away island of Nujelm to see her relatives and would be gone for a long time. Although she had been gone only a few weeks, it felt already like eternity and a tear rolled down Katsienna's dusty cheek as she sat down to savour the memories of her adventures with her dear friend.

The sun had almost slipped away, when the cream stallion nuzzled Katsienna. She had been sitting motionless for some time, staring out to sea, perhaps hoping to get a glimpse of a ship returning her friend. The horse's sweet breath awoke Kats from her daze and she noticed that Willy Tough had been desperately trying to send her messages. Willy was hoping to meet Kats and this brought upon an idea. "I think I shall arrange a nice little midnight snack for us, right here at the lighthouse!" thought Katsienna to herself, "It's about time I surprise Willy for a change and he always has a way of cheering me up!". She told Willy that they could meet soon, but that she had some things to take care of first. Kats soon became her lively vibrant self again as she travelled to the lands above to fetch some goodies and lanterns.

Katsienna lit the terrace with lanterns, set the table and arranged the food.

When everything was just perfect, Katsienna went to fetch Willy.

(Note: there is a prison cell in Yew, which has no doors, only a teleport abbatoir, and if you step onto it, you are teleported into a dark cave. If you walk through the tunnels of the cave you will come to a ladder which leads to the inside of the lighthouse. Since Willy had never been to this place, my original plan was to go to the prison cell, leave a torch on the ground and create a gate for him then run quickly back to the lighthouse to wait for him. It would have been funny because he would have arrived expecting some lovely setting with abundant food, only to realise he is in a small drab prison cell and cannot get out. Eventually though he would have found his way to me and my surprise dinner setting would have been enhanced all the more. But unfortunately, one cannot make a gate OUT of the cell, only into it, so I had to go and get Willy and we came together.)

Willy wonders what this dark place is, into which Katsienna has brought him. But thank goodness they have the torch which not only lights the way but warms different parts of the anatomy as well.

At last the couple surfaced to the lovely terrace of the lighthouse and the sight was truly magnificant with the lanterns and tables. The sun had already sunk behind the briny sea and having Willy here with her, Katsienna forgot of her worries about Lina for a while. At one point a Wyvern threatened to climb up the walls of the building and nimbly Willy put the mighty beast in it's place. The couple feasted and chatted and eventually Willy ended up mumbling something about Smurfs. If you ever come across Willy, ask him what the Smurfs were all about.

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