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Screenshots and Stories

Willy Tough - back in action

W Click here to learn more about Katsienna illy Tough had returned to Britannia after having been away from the lands for over a year. He had been travelling the world, experienced many things and had learned much. But now that he was back, he was naturally eager to catch up on all the new things that had been introduced while he was gone. Testing the Third Dawn client was one of them, as was acquiring some arcane stones to make arcane clothes. But he had meager fighting skills, and magery could only go so far when fighting golems and controllers, so he needed some help. Naturally it was Katsienna that he would have preferred adventureing with, but even she couldn't help much in a tight situation. Thus Katsienna sent her older brother Voi Mussi Mussi, to accompany her lover on his adventures, as a bodyguard and mentor.

VMM fetches Willy Tough from Delucia bank and introduces himself. Willy says he'd like to hunt for golems and controllers, so that shall be the objective of the hunt.

They walk eastwards from Skara Brae in search of those mysterious new beasts that have started spawning in Britannia.

Eventually they come across a lone golem trudging along the path to Britain. VMM puts his trusty nightmare Ferocia to work while Willy yields his nastiest spells.

The first golem had been taken down with such ease that the boys hunger for action only grew. They ventured through the forests in search of the origin of the beasts.

Eventually they discovered the evil contraption that was spawning the vile beasts and they knew it must be destroyed before the lands were overrun by golems and controllers. VMM tried to figure out the mysterious puzzle embedded within the odd contraption called a generator.

VMM tried several times to get the puzzle right and even died once in the process. Thankfully, Willy is a grandmaster in the art of magery and was able to bring him back to life with a powerful spell.

Here you can see VMMs entity being returned to his ghost like body. After a few stiff In Vas Manis, VMM was good as new thanks to Willy. Some bodyguard VMM turned out to be!

Eventually the boys figured out the lethal puzzle and with a final click, the contraption vanished into thin air, leaving two piles of shadow ore before them. "Thats it?" VMM asked in disgust, but would later on discover a pile of arcane stones in his backpack once they got home.

After slaying several golems, controllers and the generator itself, the boys had acquired a lovely collection of clockwork pieces, ingots, gems and of course, arcane stones. First thing that Willy wanted to do once they got back to the apartmentos was to test out the stones on different pieces of clothing. He was a grandmaster tailor, after all! Here Willy tries on a arcane robe he created and poses for the camera with Voi Mussi Mussi. My my what a handsome pair of men!

Willy wanted to test a stone on VMM's long black skirt and tried it on himself while he was at it. One could tell that long black skirts were simply not Willy's style.

Here is the same situation in VMM's 2-D client. Note the odd bug that happened while Willy is trying on VMM's skirt!! Although VMM is supposed to be naked, he has a ghost image of the skirt in his own paperdoll. How curious! In this pic Willy is under the influence of the Polymorph spell and had turned himself into a hot bald mama! (VMM is crazy about bald women) This causes an unintentional reflex on VMM's part to flash himself. A good thing that the apartment doors are locked, twould be too much for the common Britannian to bear!)

As the hours pass, the perversions only get worse. At some point the boys decide to compare their libidos. Who's got the better bod? Huh? Willy waving around like that won't get you anywhere! And whats with the boots? *makes gagging motion* VMM on the other hand.... Prrrr! Let's just be thankful that VMM happens to be Katsienna's brother, or Willy would definitely have something to be worried about!

Two naked men prancing about in the lounge of Big Mamas Apartmentos was nothing compared to what happened next. Willy magically transformed into a green mucousy blob and persisted on squishing up against VMM's butt. Eewww. What disgusting things boys get up to! (I'm glad I'm a woman)

Eventually the boys tired themselves out from the silly games (about time!) and Willy slumped onto the stool, sighed, and expressed his yearning for Katsienna. VMM sent message to Katsienna to come to the castle and in wait of word from her, the boys sat thoughtfully, waiting...
and waiting...

The hours passed... but Katsienna did not show... you know how women are... always late! VMM paced back and forth impatiently, and Willy, being the old geezer he was (*nudges playfully*) fell asleep, snoring noisily.

Long after VMM had given up hope, Willy woke up to find himself all alone, and decided to saunter upstairs, feeling dissappointed that he had not gotten his daily dose of Katsienna. As he was passing through the living room he discovered his beautiful lover fast asleep on her favourite throne...

"Kats darling?"

Katsienna awoke to his gentle voice, that familiar voice that carressed her soul, and carried her to imaginary realms of pleasure. She smiled sweetly as she squinted at him with big sleepy eyes.

Willy showed off his new arcane robe but something else had caught his damsels eye. As she pointed out to something on the roof, Willy barely noticed, for his eyes were locked upon her voluptuous female shadow plate armour. Someone had spilled mustard all over it! Proposterous! Who would do such a thing!

Katsienna furiously rubbed and polished her busty female armour, causing Willy to pass right out onto the floor. As he awoke from he daze he asked Katsienna if he could somehow assist in the cleaning bit. (cheeky devil!!)

But Katsienna was not quite expecting Willy's aid to come in the form of a great big green slimy puddle! She is willing to try anything though and since rubbing on the stain hadn't worked, she jumped on to the slimy puddle hoping to splash some of the odd substance onto her armour. Willy, being the sneaky slimy man that he is, took complete advantage of the situation!

The outcome was catastrophic though, soon all of Kats beautiful clothes were soaked in green goo, and she had to remove them as not to catch a cold. Here Willy helps Kats remove her female armour. Hey Willy, why is your robe open like that! *looks shocked*

Eventually, Katsienna was out of all her clothes to the great pleasure of her goggly eyed worshipper. The rest of the story is not suitable for any children in the audience, so in order to avoid lawsuits, we shall refrain from revealing what happened next.

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