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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories

Katsienna gives Willy the key to her heart

After Willy's return, Katsienna felt stronger for him than ever before and was dazed with love. The emotions whirling around inside were at times, so strong, that she felt like she would surely burst. She needed an outlet for her feelings and decided to pour some of that magic into making a little surprise for Willy.

She knew that he had both french and dutch blood from his ancestors, so she studied these languages enough to learn the phrase "You have the key to my heart" in both languages and wrote the phrases in two seperate books. In a small pouch, she then arranged rubies in the shape of a heart, and placed a small golden key in the middle as well as the two books.

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K A T S I E N N A   F I N D S   T H E   P E R F E C T   S P O T

Once the pouch was ready, she needed a special and romantic place to present her surprise to her lover. She vaguely remembered a little islet in the middle of a pond in Buccaneer's Den. She went to investigate and teleported to the islet. It was perfect! And as an added bonus, the islet was so tiny that one could not take a step in any direction, thus she'd have Willy trapped in a loving embrace and alllll to herself!

She then sent a pidgeon to Willy to enter her gate from in front of the Big Mamas Apartmentos...

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M A G I C A L   M O M E N T

Willy stepped through the gate, wondering what his beautiful goddess was up to, only to arrive in the most romantic spot in the world, and straight into his beloved Katsienna's arms! But that was not all... for she had something to give in addition to her velvety lips and warm embrace, and presented him with a small red pouch. He was utterly speechless after seeing the special gift inside and the magic between them grew ever stronger. The couple spent the night in each others arms, upon the torch lit spot, listening to the crickets chirp and each others happy sighs.

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