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Screenshots and Stories

Katsienna misses Willy

K Click here to learn more about Katsienna atsienna lounged around in her and Willy's room at the Big Mamas Apartmentos, feeling restless, for she was awaiting her lovers return from his hunts for arcane gems. Katsienna's sister Maleena, who is a grand master in the art of blowing glass and creating potions, frowned as she listened to the pining sighs coming from the south west bedroom. Rolling her eyes, she realized that if she was to ever get any sleep, she must give Katsienna something to play with while Willy is gone, and dug out her glass blowing tools.

At last it was ready! A long ridged flask shaped in such a way that Maleena knew, Katsienna would find delightful. Now all that was left was to create a potion to fill it with. Maleena brewed up a batch of what she liked to call her special "Purring Potion", a love potion for the lonely.

Once the flask was filled to the brim with the bubbling substance, Maleena sauntered over to Katsienna and Willy's room and gave her sister the flask without a word. She then shuffled back to her own room sleepilly, satisfied in the knowledge that she'd soon get some sleep.

And Katsienna? Well let's just say that she was more than satisfied with the little gift she'd received. ;-)

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