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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories


Click here to learn more about Saphireena ne lovely summer day, Musi was walking through the northern forests of Britannia, searching for wild growths of Black Pearl. She was having very poor luck finding any and after many hours of futile searching, she came across an odd looking gentleman on the path to Vesper. He wore the scalp of a dead stag upon his head and rode upon a chestnut stallion. She stopped to chat with the strange man to inquire about the odd contraption he was wearing. While they were talking, Musi could not help but wonder what a man like this might carry in his backpack so she had a little peek without him noticing. The sight was indeed lovely! A huge pile of Black Pearls - just what she had been looking for! The dark blue pearly reagents were practically begging to find a better home. Musi could not resist their beckon and reached into the backpack to "borrow" some.

Once Musi had salvaged the prized reagents, she awoke from her daze and realized that the man had been explaining, what seemed like his life story to her in a tongue she could not comprehend. She decided it would be wisest to promptly excuse herself and be on her way, as not to waste any more of the mans time. She said her farewells, then broke into a swift trot along the pathway to Britain.

Meanwhile, the stag clothen gentleman tried to recall away in vain and noticed he was short of a considerable amount of Black Pearl! The sweet girl he had enjoyed talking to, was in fact a dirty thief and had stolen his most valued reagents! The feeling of betrayal and shock was overwhelming! He ran after her shouting "THEF!" "STOPP!" in a strange tongue. Musi heard the cries and knew that she must now run like the wind. Her heart pounded in excitement as he chased her in hot pursuit upon his chestnut colored steed. At times he almost caught Musi, but the girl was quicker and always succeeded in escaping the swings of his massive halbred.

Eventually they reached the bustling streets of Britain and this was the perfect time for Musi to start her hiding tricks. She hid under the roof of a house near the stables and froze in place hoping he would not find her. By this time the stag headed man was in pure rage over his lost Black Pearl and was on a mission to kill the girl at any cost. He trotted to and fro scanning the area for any hidden figures. Eventually he succeeded in finding Musi but was not knowledgeable of the arts of detecting hidden or revealment. So, although he knew exactly where she was, he was powerless and could do no more than curse, cuss and threaten the terrified girl.

Over the span of an hour, he tried a multitude of tactics to bring Musi into the open, asking for help from passers by and spamming his fury. He even tried to trick Musi into believing that he had recalled away when he really just hid, as well as faking giving up the hunt by walking a short distance away. But Musi was not one to be fooled easily and stayed put.

The city guards did not understand his odd language either and refused to take any notice while our hero yelled "GARDS! THIFF!". But even if he would have yelled "GUARDS", it would have helped none at this point, since thieves and guards have a mutual agreement. If a thief steals in the city boundries and no-one calls the guards within a few minutes, the thief is safe after that period is over. So, in this case, Musi had no fear of the guards since an hour had already passed.

Finally the man realized that the guards were not going to help him any and resorted to begging for help from any people that passed by. Most ignored the odd man. Perhaps because of the stag on his head, perhaps because they could not understand what he was saying - we will never know. One young boy, hungry for a fight, did stop to help our hero and in the picture above, you can see him running in front of the stables. Although Stag Man told him repeatedly that Musi was standing on the same spot as himself, his dim witted helper never seemed to comprehend, thus prevailed in scanning other areas for Musi in vain. It was obvious that they had a communication problem.

It was indeed a entertaining hour in Musi's career as a thief. After he finally gave up and left, Musi slinked off to the bank and cashed in her loot successfully.

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