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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories

Case Triumpf

Click here to learn more about Saphireena was a sunny day in the town of Moonglow, Musi's favorite hunting place, when she came across a gentleman named Triumpf. I cannot for the life of me, remember what it was about Triumpf that annoyed Musi enough to target him as her next victim, but I'm sure she had a good reason. Perhaps he was a kewl dood, since anyone else would know that Triumph is spelled Triumph, NOT Triumpf.

As she walked by him, she made a random steal, targeting merely his backpack, which would produce a random object from within. A rune dropped into her hand and as she examined it, she could make out the words Guild House engraved upon the stone. "Oh oh" she thought to herself, "I'd better notify him!".

Musi told Triumpf what had happened, but to her shock, he just stood there and told her he'd "deal with her later" - whatever that meant. Outrageous! Musi wanted a chase, and she wanted it now! Laziness in a victim was not acceptable! Thus Musi decided to provoke the man even more and sauntered over to pat his protruding posterior.

Patting Triumpfs bum did the trick and he blew his top. He'd have no dirty thief touching his buns, that's for sure. In pure rage and fury he yelled his manly clarion call and charged at Musi.

Musi was ready and waiting for this moment and started trotting towards the bank to get some help. At this point she noticed that her connection was much better than Triumpf's, and while he ran at full speed, she could simply walk slowly to avoid his furious thrashes. This provided her with ample opportunities to play Cat and Mouse with the little guy.

At the bank she pretended to be in great distress and called for help, just to give poor Triumpf some hope in thinking that she really was scared of him. The locals chuckled and praised Musi, for they'd had many a good laugh from her previous antics.

Musi considered giving the poor sod back his rune, and stopped to try and make up and kiss. But Triumpf could not find it in his heart to forgive and forget and was determined in getting his revenge upon Musi. This had gone too far! Not only had she stolen his valuables but had made a mockery of him all around Moonglow.

Since she was too nimble and quick to for his halbred, he attempted some magery and cast a deadly Por Corp Wis from afar. That didn't work either for she swerved his spells with ease.

She took this chance to bank the rune she had stolen and tried to be friendly. But Triumpf yielded his halbred once again and prepared to turn Musi into some serious minced meat. His rage was so great that could barely speak as he sputtered his challenge to duel. Musi hates violence though, and would rather pat bums than slice them, so she hopped away from his swipes.

Musi invited Triumpf in a game of ring around the rosie, which Triumpf gladly agreed to. Twas refreshing to see a playful side to him as well. The locals hanging around the bank, soon joined in the fun and soon there was a whole gang of people running round and round.

The chase continued for the longest time, as Musi trotted to and fro all over Moonglow, with Triumpf on her tail, but the poor sod never did catch her. Musi was getting a bit worried since he had spent such a long time in such a unergonomic position. She felt she must warn him of the dangers of being in a slouched position for extended periods.

During the course of the chase, she would often stop to hide and watch as Triumpf ran past her, thinking that she was still running ahead of him. She'd then reveal herself saying things like "Boo!" or, "Yoo Hoooo!" or "Where are you going Big Boy?".

Eventually Triumpf's uncomfortable position took it's toll. His joints could take the strain no more, and he froze in place. We all watched in pity as his body slowly became rigid. Musi tried to shake him out of it, but the poor man was so locked up that he couldn't speak a word. Musi even offered to graciously return his rune to him, but he would not accept it, so Musi left, shrugging her shoulders. (Triumpf's connection had disconnected - poor thing).

Triumpf, no hard feelings? :)

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