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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories

Click here to learn more about Saphireenahe romance and passion between Katsienna and her lover Willy Tough never seemed to fade. Over the years, Willy kept the spark very much alive with his endless efforts in taking Katsienna to the most unique and beautiful places of Britannia that he could find.

The strange little cave on the north western shores of Dagger Isle was one such place.

n this occasion, he had set up a lovely dinner on top of the cave and surrounded it with torches to give that final romantic touch.

s was custom with Willy's and Katsienna's dates, there was always a bed in there somewhere. Luckilly, Willy always carried his trusty portable waterbed with him, that could be set up any place, any time.

fter dinner, the couple retreated to the cave below and as can be expected, things started to get hot and heavy.

Just as they were uh... "disrobing", an intruder strolled right into their little love nest and dropped all his clothes, clearly wanting a part of the action!

This obviously gave Katsienna quite the fright, and she could only watch on as Willy tried to drive the brute away!

oon, an already bad situation got even worse when the intruder started disassembling Willy's portable waterbed! The nerve! The gall!

As a final effort to rid their cave of the obnoxious intruder, Willy pulled out the very best insults he could muster. Things were getting viscious and Katsienna just couldn't bear to watch anymore, so she turned away.

Thankfully, Willy's venomous words seemed to do the trick and the intruder finally left, leaving Willy and Katsienna to finish off what they started and end their date on a more pleasant note.

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