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Screenshots and Stories

VMM and Fury go adventuring on Ice Island

T Click here to learn more about Katsienna was only moments ago when VMM had purchased his first nightmare, Fury. Now it was time to introduce her to the worlds above her homelands and to see what she was capable of. VMM decided to start off at Ice Island, knowing that all of his taming friends would be there to help him incase of an emergency. Ice Island is the "mecca" of tamers because there is an abundance of animals to train taming skills on and little danger.

VMM and Fury transported themselves to Ice Island with a magical chant that goes "Kal Ort Por" and the sudden whiteness of the surroundings blinded their eyes for a moment. VMM's main concern was how Fury would survive in the icy cold weather, since she was such a delicate breed, an arabian, which originated from tropical climates.

She was indeed shivering a bit, so VMM decided to take her for a little run to keep her warm and to see how fast she could go. Nightmares are known to be the fastest and most agile mounts in all of Britannia, and VMM soon noticed that this was a fact. Fury ran quicker than any other beast he had ridden and never seemed to tire.

They soon came across an odd beast. One that seemed to be a massive man made of Verite metal. Was this perhaps the feared "Verite Elemental" that VMM had heard her miner cousin Saphireena speak of? Oh oh the beast was walking straight towards VMM!

Before VMM could think any more, two knights sprang outof nowhere and started slaying the ferocious being. Fury was now hot and sweaty from the run and and yet she was still shivering, but in actuality she was trembling from excitement of being in a new place, and VMM could tell that she was YEARNING to attack the beast before them. But he knew the law of the lands, first to attack a monster "owns" it, and it would have been rude to interrupt in the fight. Besides the two men were doing fine and were not in need of assistance.

Since Fury seemed to be keen on killing some baddies, the two wandered off in search of a victim for her to relieve her predator needs upon. They came across an Ice Troll, which VMM knew to be a very tough beast. His cousin Katsienna who was a GM Warrior had once told him of the toils of killing one of these icy monsters, so he knew they were really hard to kill. Before VMM could think any farther, Fury nudged him aside to safety and sprang at the troll, gashing it's muscular sides with her razor sharp hoofs and burning it with her breath of fire.

The troll growled out in agony as Fury shredded it to pieces. Soon the Ice Trolls mate heard the calls of distress and just as Fury had one killed, she took on the second with no problem at all. VMM stood and stared in utter amazement. Fury was hardly scratched while fighting 2 trolls in a row and yet they died at her rage in minutes! Once both were laying on the ground dead, VMM cut their carcasses and fed Fury their fresh bloody meat. Fury nodded gratefully and so far seemed to be very content in his care.

The two walked through the barren icy lands for a while, and then came across a band of Orcs who had captured a woman and were boiling some water in a cauldron. It was most evident that they were preparing to make her into human stew! VMM had barely whispered the words "Fury Kill" when the mare leaped at the Orcs, taking down the leader first.

The Orcs were like mice for Fury, who killed them swiftly and without a problem. VMM looked through the corpses and found some money and gems. As always, Fury's reward came in the form of a fresh chunk of meat.

It was then that he heard a weak whimpering cry from yonder. They rode a little to the south to discover a beautiful woman dressed in a ragged dress. But beneath the smut and tears, one could see it was an expensive dress of a high lady. The womans face lighted up when she saw VMM and she pleaded for help.

VMM moved closer and listened to her long story of dispair and torture. finally she pleaded for him to unlock the chains that bound her, and take her to safety, preferrably Moonglow, her hometown. She spoke of rewards, but VMM barely noticed, his main worry was to get this lovely lady to safety as soon as possible!

VMM's expression was very serious, for he could only imagine the terror that this poor woman had went through. At this point he would have gladly sacrificed his life to save the damsel in distress and he made her a solemn vow to return her to her home, Moonglow.

Being and exceptional mage that he is, VMM quickly created a gate for the lady to walk through, and beckoned her to go inside of it before other Orcs would come for revenge. For some reason a gentleman named Stephen appeared in his gate and looked around in wonderment.

Once they arrived in Moonglow, the lady thanked VMM and kissed his cheek. As she walked off, VMM felt a strange weight in his mind any body, since he would probably never see this sweet lady ever again and she had managed to already charm him.

VMM and Fury paused to take a rest near Moonglow bank and process all that had happened to them. VMM dismounted from Fury's back and she pranced about a little from relief of the weight. She once again had "the look" in her eye and VMM found it wisest to look through his backpack for some steaks.

Fury gobbled down the steaks he fed her and seemed to want more. VMM continued rummaging around in his backpack for more meat.

He was surprised to discover a large pile of money in his backpack and knew that it could not have all been from the Orcs! 1390 gold pieces!! He had only found a couple of hundred from the Orc and Ice Troll carcasses put together. Where had this money come from?

It was then that he remembered the lady's words..."thou wilt be rewarded". It was her doing! When she had reached over to kiss him on the cheek, she had secretly slipped in a reward of money into his backpack! He MUST find her to give thanks!

He searched all of Moonglow, all night till dawn, but never found the maiden again. She must have lived somewhere in the countryside. Fury seemed a bit tired and VMM knew the horse needed some rest. It had been a long and exciting day for the mare. The two rode off peacefully to VMM's home castle near Trinsic.

Once they arrived at the castle, VMM led Fury to the stable, and told the stable master to give Fury a cool down walk and sponge wash her with cool water. The stable master shakily promised to take good care of her and VMM felt assured that Fury would be fine. VMM gave the mare a final kiss on her muzzle as he whispered something secret in her ear. He then walked away slowly chuckling when he remembered the look of horror on the stable masters face as he had arrived with atop a nightmare.

Last words: Having written this little story after owning a nightmare for a few weeks, all I can say is that they are WONDERFUL and well worth spending gold on. Now that I have Fury, I couldn't imagine a life for my tamer without a mare ever again and I warmly recommend training animal taming and animal lore up to 80 to be able to control one.

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