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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Screenshots and Stories

Click here to learn more about Saphireenan Septemeber 8th 2001, the Big Mamas Nightclub had a special romantic game for single Britannians looking for romance.

The idea was that each participant would receive a ticket with a serial number. The challenge was, to find the person with the matching ticket. In total, 50 tickets were sold, for 25 gentlemen and for 25 ladies.

Out of the couples that successfully matched up, one lucky pair won the grand prize: a voucher for "A Trip for Two to a Mystery Location"!

The lucky winners were Joanna Fah'Marin and Dareios. Being complete strangers to one another, they were understandibly nervous and excited to go on a trip together!

In preparation of the trip, Dareios bought a brand new set of plate armour to impress Joanna with. However, he would have to leave it at home, as the place they were to travel to would be too hot for any armor!

Saphireena instructed them to pack lightly and only wear their best summer clothes, as she had prepared everything else they might need.

On the day of the trip, the two winners were to meet up with Saphireena at the Moonglow docks.

Joanna arrived looking absolutely ravishing in a bright red summer dress and sun hat. It is no wonder that some gentlemen passing by couldn't resist having a closer look.

Equally, Dareios looked also fetching in his sleeveless shirt, showing off a set of muscular arms.

After a short walk to the western shores, the trio came upon Saphireena's cherished vessel, the Ms Big Mama and boarded the ship.

Saphireena had prepared two benches to ensure a comfortable journey for the winners and as soon as the anchor had been raised, they were ready to set sail.

As they sailed out of Moonglow bay, the icy northern winds grew stronger as they slowly approached Ice Isle.

At this point the couple still had no idea of the true nature of the destination, as Saphireena was intentionally sailing in the wrong direction to confuse them and keep the real destination a mystery!

After a sharp turn south, they finally arrived at the true destination of their romantic holiday: The sandy island of Nujel'm! The heat of the island felt welcoming after sailing through the biting winds of the north.

Naturally, everything had been arranged with the officials well in advance, so no passports or visas were needed upon arrival at the Nujel'm docks.

As Saphireena led them to their accomodations, they passed by many cats and dogs living on the street. As cute as they were, Saphireena advised them to refrain from petting them since they may carry disease or fleas.

As they walked through the city, the couple marveled at how different the architecture was compared to the more northern style of Britain. Saphireena was delighted to hear that neither Joanna or Dareios had ever been to Nujel'm before. This experience would truly be special for them!

Although locals gathered water from the city well, Saphireena warned that the water is not clean enough to drink.

Finally, they arrived at Casa Mama - a romantic little bungalow that had been specially prepared for the winning couple.

Earlier, Saphireena had checked out several options, but this one had the best view of the sea by far!

Saphireena had lovingly packed a large silver chest full of luxurious goodies for the couple to enjoy during their vacation. It had everything and more, that they would need for their stay, including food, beverages, dishes, games, a map of the island and even something naughty for the nights. Everything that had been crafted by hand by Saphireena herself, was engraved with her Grand Master mark.

Before leaving the couple to settle in, Saphireena took them on a brief tour of the island, introducing only a few basic points from which they could explore further.

First and most importantly: The beaches!

By the time they were done, the couple knew which were the best beaches on the island, and which were the more crowded and polluted ones to avoid.

In town, Saphireena showed the the local bank and where the weekly basaar was held.

They passed through the "old town" part of Nujelm, which had lots of historical buildings, contraptions and other points of interest.

Instead of revealing everything about the island right away, Saphireena urged the couple to save their curiousity for later, as there would be a lot of interesting things to discover!

As they passed by the Nujel'm Palace, a shimmering blue swimming pool could be seen just over the sandstone fence - a favorite hotspot for the rich.

Another point of interest was the local mini market where the couple could stock up on food and other necessities if needed.

The locals were aggressive hagglers though, so a gentle warning was in place.

The tour ended with one final point of interest: the ancient Nujel'm cemetary.

The final and most essential thing to show the couple was the secret Nujel'm moongate which they would be able to use to travel back home once their vacation ended.

Saphireena bid her goodbyes and wished them the very best time! Joanna and Dareious waved goodbye cheerfully, and after Saphireena had dissappeared through the gate, they smiled at each other shyly, looking forward to their adventure ahead.

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