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P R O B L E M S : Runes that won't allow gating

Problem: When casting gate on a rune, the blue moongate appears for a split second, then dissappears before you can walk in.

Cause: When this rune has been marked, there have been too many items loaded into the persons client. This happens when near really large buildings that you have been inside of. I discovered this problem while marking runes outside of my castles.

Solution: You need to "empty" the memory of your client by running a few screens away, and entering any small building or stepping on the steps. Then run back to the spot you were trying to mark and check to make sure no items are loaded into memory. In other words you should not be able to see items on the houses. Mark the rune.

Running onto smaller houses seems to replace the hundreds, perhaps thousands of items in your clients memory, with the ones in the smaller house.

Don't ask me why this affects the runes you mark, cause I don't know, but this is atleast a way to avoid and fix it.

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