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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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M I C H A E L   O F   E U R O P A

Woah purple hair, and a red goatee. A round face, and yet not fat - has to be handsome. A round nose, and yet a pointed tip. Soft kind eyes that show possible decpetion. Yes - a very tricky character to make. But Michael said I got him just right - *happy*.

Character Description:
  • Age early twenties
  • Build: medium, or muscular
  • Head: round
  • Nose round at the base with pointed tip
  • Kissable lips, yet trying to hide lips a bit
  • Attractive
  • Looking into camera confidently
  • Grinning
  • Comforting friendly eyes, but looks may fool you
  • Mediterranean complexion which has faded over time
  • Can be good, but can also be very very bad
  • Outgoing and friendly, loves to socialise, but is often shy amongst "louder people"
  • Likes being the crowd clown

    Michael: "Lookie! Saphireena made me my very own character portrait! It's exactly how I pictured michael, down to every little detail - even the beard is perfect! (and thats gotta be the worst colour to have a goatee in the world)"

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    O O N A   M O O N S T O N E   O F   E U R O P A

    I must say for once that I am proud of this portrait. Although I have known of the famous Oona Moonstone for a very long time, I never did get to know her personally while she played UO. Even so, she was one of those people that have an aura about them. An aura from which you are able to define their personality. And thus, I knew Oona's character description way before she even wrote it out for me. I had a certain face in my mind already and have had that face hovering there ever since I added her paperdoll to the Fashion pages.

    Oona: "First of all, thank you Saphireena for being able to capture the essence of what is Oona; Maturity without looking old, Kind hearted and warm without appearing gullable... It has all the things I wanted it to have. But most of all I am happy that you managed to capture the "Hello-there-little-one-can-I-help-you?"-expression... That if something is the Oona-essence! "

    Character Description:
  • Noble Lady
  • Good of nature
  • Very confident and knows what she wants in life
  • Outgoing lady that is very social
  • Unselfish
  • Friendly
  • Neither flirty or distant with the opposite sex, just friendly
  • Humorous but keeps it at a mature level
  • Does not approve of childish behaviour.
  • Social and helpful person
  • Tends to steal the spotlight
  • Never ever lies
  • Helps a young'un in need
  • Age: 30'ish
  • Rather large motherlike and friendly blue eyes
  • Expression: Gentle, happy smile
  • Rosey cheeks
  • Medium built
  • Straight, rather normal nose
  • Natural wavey hair
  • Roundish head
  • Normal chin
  • Rather normal lips

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    E M M A   O F   E U R O P A

    This portrait was probably the most challenging, and yet at the same time, the easiest so far. It was hard because when drawing, one tends to aim towards making the subject as attractive as possible - one can't help it. So I had to keep on uglifying her when I noticed I was slipping into making her too pretty at times. Then again she was easy to make because the traits that Emma has - all fit together perfectly. They make a very believable character so one is able to form a vision of their face much easier and one knows where the portrait is going right from the start.

    Emma:"Aint she lovely, Dont you just want to take her home and wrap her up in.....*Record scratches to a halt*
    I'll try that again, I am sooo over the moon with ickle old M's portrait. Isnt she beautifull in a stomach churnin' kinda way. She is just how I allways pictured her, thank you again Saphireena for giving her a face and for putting up with my fussy descripition and the unorthodox payment method. *Grumbles* I still say I owe you more."

    Character Description:
  • Former thief and occasional con-woman, now a beggar
  • All round nasty piece of work.
  • Bold, has little fear in speaking her mind on anything or about anyone.
  • Selfish to the core.
  • Mean but can be charming when necessary
  • Usually not a people person unless she wants something
  • Wry and mocking sense of humour
  • Seen a lot of life....and death.
  • Rude and obnoxious to anyone that mistakenly talks to her
  • Has no regard for social niceities
  • Enjoys shocking others.
  • Age: Early 20's.
  • Smells worse than any orc you'll ever meet.
  • Green eyes locked into a constant glare, to match the scowl she often screws her face into
  • Default expression: A scowl, as if she's basically not happy to see you at all.
  • Build:Thin and scrawny.
  • A smallish button nose, one or both nostriles usually encrusted with snot.
  • Boil on neck
  • Perhaps if she washed she could be called "cute"
  • Glaring at the camera
  • Battered & worn straw hat with hole

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    O O N A   M O O N S T O N E ' S   T W I ' L E K

    Oh my, talk about hard portrait hehe. All I had to work on was Oona's description and pictures of Twi'leks in general.

    Oona:"I like those pearls a lot, they add a certain something to the picture. *smiles* ... I like it a lot "

    Character Description:
  • Seductive dancer and martial artist
  • Very Neutral, sees to herself and her employer
  • Confident with her talent, but seems unsecure to the public. One has to keep up a good mask to get close to ones enemies.
  • Very outgoing, sometimes theatrically shy and timid.
  • Rather selfish
  • Friendly to the extent of being annoying.
  • Flirty with the opposite and same sex
  • Serious lady that takes her work very seriously
  • Mature
  • Has been to many places but has yet to see a lot in her life.
  • She is very seductive and "infiltrative", tries to get as much information as possible without people noticing
  • Around her 20s
  • Twi'lek
  • Beautiful dark yellow eyes
  • Default experession: Seductive smile
  • Thin built
  • as muscular as a thin built dancer can be.
  • Thin, straight nose...
  • her head tails are decorated with silvers threads (much like the scetch previously shown)
  • I think her head would categorize itself under oval.
  • normal chin
  • her lips are kissable but she never invites to a kiss.

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    C O N N E R   L O X L E Y   O F   E U R O P A

    Conner: Exactly what I wanted :)"Thanks for the pic I like it"

    Character Description:
  • Kind Multi GM craftman.
  • Very confident in his own abilities but not with other people
  • Shy but not timid
  • Very unselfish, generous to a fault
  • Friendly once you get to know him
  • Humorous
  • Mature but can be childish
  • Seen a lot in life but does not let it colour his outlook
  • Will not normally start a conversation but will happily talk to anyone who talks to him.
  • Late 30ís
  • Bright clear blue eyes with a sparkle of mischief
  • Default expression: Cool calm passive but somehow friendly
  • Muscular, powerfully built from years of hard work
  • Average nose
  • Hair combed neatly
  • Square head
  • Normal chin
  • Average lips, always with a hint of a smile ready to appear

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