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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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S A M   H A N E   O F   E U R O P A

When the Big Mamas Nightclub had it's opening night August 18th 2001, a young man by the name of Sam Hane stepped up offering his services. He was hired as a doorman and worked for the nightclub until it shut it's doors half a year later. Over that time, Sam became a close friend and so much more. Here is the portrait I made as a gift.

Character Description:
  • Solitary tamer/bard, lives out of the social hiearchy
  • Good with a slightly evil undertone
  • Confident without arrogance
  • Courtious and friendly, yet cautious
  • Very unselfish
  • Mean when the situation calls for it
  • Charming to the point of making the ladies swoon without even trying
  • Has a good sense of humour but never plays the clown
  • Very mature but with a playful side
  • Has seen a lot in life but has retained hopefulness
  • 35
  • Dark piercing eyes
  • Composure calm, sophisticated, vigilant
  • Hair neatly pulled back into a ponytail
  • Facial shape squarish
  • Expression serious
  • Handsome
  • Hair slightly wavy
  • Gazes off into the distance

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    R U B O R   S U M M I S S E   O F   E U R O P A

    Character Description:
  • Classic ranger, travels with bow and arrow
  • Honourable down to the last drop of blood
  • Solitary, yet quick to aid others
  • Mysterious in his ways
  • Travels alone
  • Early 20's
  • Long cream hair
  • Goatee emphasising his prominent chin
  • Serious deep piercing brown eyes
  • Sharp manly nose
  • Olive colored skin

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    M U S I   M U S S U K K A   O F   E U R O P A

    Character Description:
  • Mischievous thief who has a sweet tooth for rares
  • Extremely sassy and spunky
  • Flirts with her male victims
  • Humourous
  • Open and chatty
  • Late 20's
  • Long hair the color of wheat
  • Child like features
  • Small pug nose
  • Olive colored eyes
  • Mischievous eyebrows
  • Usually grinning widely
  • A healthy pink glow upon her face from constant running

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    B L I T Z   O F   E U R O P A

    Character Description:
  • Warrior mage comfortable in leadership positions
  • Fights foes in honest straight duels
  • Has high esteem for honor
  • Confident in hectic situations yet nervous when out of his league
  • Comfortable around friends but shy amongst strangers
  • Generous with friends
  • Friendly to honorable/honest people
  • Mean to people who cross the line
  • Shy around ladies, who are a complete mystery to him
  • Jovial in relaxed situations but very serious when lives are at stake
  • Despite his young age, has seen the bloodiest of wars
  • Around strangers distant, perhaps scared. But once aquainted, he blossoms and is generous with helping though it might cost him his head
  • 20
  • Eyes brownish/gold
  • Always has a Grin non his face unless he feels danger
  • Muscualar build
  • Hair wild, wavy and barely combed due to his warrior lifestyle
  • Lips kissable
  • Handsome

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    L A D Y   N I C O   O F   E U R O P A

    During my last months in Sosaria, I had the pleasure and privelage to get to know Lady Nico. Famous for her uncanny taming abilities, Lady Nico was much more - a wonderful lady who was one of the most warm hearted, generous and helpful personalities I'd met. If there was anyone deserving of being the last one I would make a portrait for, it was Lady Nico.

    Lady Nico: Saph, you've created simply the finest, most wonderous portrait. She's everything I'd hoped, and all I'd imagined all these long years. You've just managed to capture Nico in a moment's pause between adventures. Your love & celebration of UO has left a unique and indelible mark, Saph. Both immensely talented and gracious, you made a difference and touched in a positive manner the lives of hundreds if not thousands all around the world. I'm proud to have spent some time with you in Sosaria. I'm deeply touched and honoured, Milady, and will remember your warmth, your spirit & generosity with enormous affection each time I post & see your portrait of Nico right up there on the left. Thank you for the perfect parting gift. *warmest of hugs*

    Character Description:
  • Good as only a reformed thief can be.
  • Confident and bold! Adventure junkie & thrill seeker.
  • Unselfish, giving, yet has no trouble setting boundaries which others know well to observe.
  • Flirty & secure in both her abilities and in her attractiveness.
  • A bit of a prankster though never maliciously
  • Mature enough to enjoy moments of childishness.
  • Cynical optimist
  • Friendly, warm, mischevious and gentle by nature
  • Knows much yet reveals little.
  • Early 30's
  • Eyes described as large, bright, & warm with a touch of mischief. Malachite green.
  • Sparkling expression shortly *after* one has just enjoyed a good, loud belly laugh
  • Small, cute nose
  • Hair long and wild
  • Oval face
  • Kissable lips
  • Effortlessly aware of her beauty

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