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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Something glittery and shimmery and ever so beautiful caught my eye in the crowd. I stepped closer to have better look and saw the most feminine lovely flower I had ever seen. There Alea stood, in all ash pink with dozens of admiring eyes upon her, and yet she was very modest and unaware of her great beauty.

Sensei Baka

Holy... Sacred... Pure... These are words that came to mind when my eye caught this gentleman dressed in white. As we talked, he revealed that he was training to become a healer of the sick, thus those words were indeed suitable to describe someone with such generous goals. The most simple clothes you can get, and yet the choice to use them made this man more stylish than most. Style does not demand great wealth as we can see here.


Mmmmmmmmm the deep indian red color put together with pitch black sandals and shirt really caress the eye. The skin tone blends in, being almost the same color. To top off the outfit, gold jewels stand out on this cheeky looking young lady.


If men are like wine, and become better with age, Blathe is an excellent example. He stood out in the crowd because of his simple yet elegant attire. So simple, so humble and yet the choice in colors makes this outfit fit for a king. The wonderful combination of black and spruce green looks great against the pure white hair and aged tanned skin which create a breathtaking contrast.

Musi Mussukka (LS)

The soft fuzzy powder blue doublet, valorite armour and crustal blue hair makes a glowing contrast against black hat, skirt and cloak.

Sam Hane

What a wonderful ensemble! The shadow colored clothes matched together with the white tribal paint make a stunning contrast.

Angelina St. Ages

With the arrival of leather dye tubs, leather armour finally looks good, and here is the ultimate example. Angelina looks absolutely breathtaking in this slimming black female leather armour and the choice of bright white long hair is a great contrast. The delicate gold ring, tops it off beautifully.

Sam Hane

Once again Sam is dressed to kill. The all grey outfit using iron plate, grey dyed leather and silver sandals is the picture of sophistication.

Iona Zorander

I have been sent several paperdolls, but this was the first one I felt was worthy of displaying here. The thing I like about this look, is that although the colors are deathly, statue like, the girl herself is huggable and cute, nothing threatening about her at all, so it creates and interesing contrast.


Prrrrr "I'm too sexy for my..." Ok as we all know, k3wl d00dz have lousy taste when it comes to dressing. Heck, they have lousy taste in everything. But this doodie was an exception. In this outfit, it's actually kinda nice that his chest and tummy show. All that skin makes a great contrast against the hard metal. I think the topknot hairstyle is the perfect thing to top it off.

Last 10 outfits

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