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Curious to see what Saphireena is up to?

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Last 10 outfits

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Jack Donavan

Mmmm what a dish! What a successful combination to sum up what this man is. He is handsome as a devil, yet humble and toned down in his dress. The colors work well for a baker. I like the combination of white hair and the black beard. Very sexy. The hat tops it off.


When I saw him, I thought: "Hmmm why does he look so familiar?" I then realised that he was wearing the exact same outfit that Saphireena wore on the cross dress night at the Big Mamas Nightclub. And what conclusion can be made? That this outfit is surely the most handsome good looking outfit a male chara can wear. What really tops Cypher's look off is the stylish red goatee. Prrrr baby!

The Unsavory Dzur

Alright, I'll admit it. I have a weak spot for shadow armor. But with this guy I just couldn't help admiring the way the snow white hair contrasted against the black and the kryss really topped it all off. Don't mess with this man!

Lord Perrin GoldEyes

Ah! Thought that you needed fancy dyes and armour to put together a stunning outfit? Well think again! Here we have a gentleman that uses only the most basic leather armour, undyed, and yet manages to create a handsome and manly look. The secret here is the attention to skin and hair color, as well as the hairstyle. Note also the smiths hammer. To top it all off the cloak, dyed in the same hue as the leather. Very nice!


Last 10 outfits

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